10 Beauty Tips for This Summer

The Beauty Summer Guide Just For You

For this festive and hot season, we from Mica Beauty prepared a small and handy beauty summer guide just for you.

1. Sunscreen

We know that SPF is a must when the sun hits our face directly when chilling by the beach or swimming in the sea. The SPF numbers tells you how long you can stay under the sun without getting sunburn. For example: SPF30 means you can stay under the sun 30 times longer without getting burned compare with no sunscreen. If you are planning to be outside for a long time, bring your sunscreen with you and remember to reapply the sunscreen with a generous amount or use a higher SPF sunscreen.

2. Moisturise frequently

Moisturise is an essential step in your skin care routine for your skin throughout all four seasons. Your skin will receive lots of beneficial effects if you make the effort to stay moisturise. This is because your skin acts as a barrier to protect you from the environmental factors like pollution, moisture loss and bacteria, thus, keeping the skin moisturise boost the effectiveness of the skin barrier.

3. Don’t Forget to Apply Primer

Heat makes the skin produce oils faster, because of the loss of moisture on the skin. Therefore, the oil produced is to act as a barrier to prevent moisture loss. But, oil of the skin separates the foundation pigments, making it look blotchy and patchy. Applying primer on the skin before your makeup creates a protection layer between your skin and the foundation. Primer also helps in visibly covering pores on the face, so you can achieve that flawless look.

4. Wear a Hat

You will hear this advice when summer approaches. Wear a hat! We believe that wearing a wide floppy hat acts as an extra protection from the sun. It protects your skin and hair from the sun when you are going out the whole day. Hat also prevents your head from getting too hot and avoid heatstroke which makes you feel sick and you do not want that.

5. Use Lip Balm with SPF

Going out under the rays of sun is amazing and wonderful, feeling the heat on the skin. You must take extra protection for your skin to prevent any sun damage when you are out and about all day long. We are reminded to protect our skin from the sun, but don’t forget your lips need protection too. Using a lip balm with SPF helps to moisturise and soften your lips while protecting your lips from the sun.

6. Bring Aloe Vera Everywhere with You

Aloe Vera, known as an anti-inflammatory and provides moisturising relief. Apply Aloe Vera onto your sun exposed skin will soothe and calm your skin, which made it less likely to flake due to sun burnt. Aloe Vera also repairs damaged skin by re-hydrating them. Keep your Aloe Vera in the refrigerator for an extra soothing cooling effect when apply onto the skin.

7. Switch up your shade

You want to match face with your tanned skin, because who wants to have a pale fair face with their sun kiss tanned body. It is annoying, as your body looks amazingly tanned, so you will have to switch your foundation to a shade darker than what you normally wear in the winter. Mica Beauty’s Mineral Foundation Powder comes in 9 shades to match with summer and winter look and it is perfect for both extreme weather.

8. Bronze correctly

Don’t over-bronze your face with the bronzer for that sun-kiss glow look, bronzer is not your second foundation. Lightly apply the bronzer only on the hollows of your cheeks and over the forehead to create a nice shadow and sculpt your face. Make sure to blend out the harsh lines with a fluffy brush.

9. Exfoliate at the right time

Keep your exfoliating routine in the evenings for a better effect on the skin and don’t exfoliate your skin and body before heading to the beach. Once removing the dead skin, it reveals the new and sensitive skin that could be more inclined to burn in the sun. Exfoliate helps to maintain your fake tan, and gentle peels help to keep your skin free from dead skin cells and clogged pores, making it smooth. 

10. Drink lots of water

Last but not least, drink lots and lots of water. When we are out and having fun under the sun, our body loses water faster with the warm temperature. If we forget to hydrate our body, we will be dehydrated and will feel lightheaded and sick, which will ruin your day out. Always bring a water bottle with you and keep on gulping down water throughout the day. Set an alarm on your phone, if you cannot remember to rehydrate your body. Eat fruits and vegetable for water too.

Now with these few beauty tips, you can enjoy your summer! 

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne is a passionate beauty writer with over 10 years of experience. She’s incredibly keen on all things skincare, makeup and cosmetics, with a fingertip on the pulse of the latest global beauty trends at all times.

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