6 Products to Try from M2 Beauté in 2022

At Beauty Affairs, we only choose the best of the best luxury skin care brands - and even within brands, we’ve picked some favourites, too. These are products that we adore because of their formulas and what they bring to the beauty table - we love them for their effective formulas, unique approaches, and best of all, amazing results!

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Today, we’re going over our favourites from M2 Beauté. This beauty brand combines the best in scientific ingredients with luxurious, effective products that just work. We think you’ll find a new favourite product (or two) in our best of M2 Beauté round up.

Best M2 Beauté Products to try in 2022

M2 Beauté might be most well known for lash growth serum, but there are plenty more incredible products to try from this cult-classic European brand. Here are our top choices to try you’re an M2 Beauté newbie!

M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum

We couldn’t create this list without mentioning this best-seller! The Eyelash Activating Serum from M2 Beauté is one that we love for achieving that false lash look - no falsies required. Its formula boasts a blend of hair growth supporting vitamins such as Biotin and Panthenol, as well as scientifically proven ingredients that stimulate lash growth for longer, fluttery lashes.

M2 Beaute Eyelash Activating SermM2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum
Bring short, damaged lashes back to life with this high-powered lash serum.

M2 Beauté Second Skin Mask

When it comes to sheet masks, M2 Beauté innovates by keeping the all-important mask essence separate from the mask fabric to ensure potency and efficacy. Fortified with antioxidant-rich brown algae, the M2 Beauté Second Skin Mask works hard to improve skin hydration and provide a naturally-rich source of antioxidants to defend skin against external stressors for radiant, youthful skin.

Instantly hydrate and nourish your skin with this sheet mask from M2 Beauté.

M2 Beauté Hair Activating Serum

M2 Beauté is the kind of beauty brand that focuses on beauty from top to toe - and with the success of their lash serum, it’s no wonder they’ve created an amazing product that helps to boost your hair growth, too. This hair care serum isn’t one that you apply to the end of your hair - rather, this serum should be massaged into your roots to support hair growth for long, flowing locks.

M2 BEAUTÉ HAIR ACTIVATING SERUMM2 Beauté Hair Activating Serum
This hair-boosting serum from M2 Beauté works hard to support your hair where it matters - from the root.

M2 Beauté Black Nano Mascara

The only thing better than makeup is makeup that’s formulated with ingredients that are good for your skin and lashes. That's where this M2 Beauté Black Nano Mascara comes in. It flawlessly separates and lengthens lashes, but it does much more than just make your lashes look good while it’s on. This mascara is formulated with nurturing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, soy proteins, and amino acids to support healthy, lush lashes.

This two in one mascara and eyelash serum conditions and nourishes your eyelashes for a fluttery, doe-eyed look.

M2 Beauté Vitamin C Facial Nano Spray

There’s nothing better than a face mist on a hot summer’s day - and even better if it’s fortified with skin-nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C. This spray delivers a potent dose of Vitamin C to your skin - one of the most effective antioxidants for protecting skin from free radicals and boosting your natural glow.

M2 BEAUTÉ VITAMIN C FACIAL NANO SPRAY 75MLM2 Beauté Vitamin C Facial Nano Spray
Give your skin the perfect amount of Vitamin C with this facial spray from M2 Beauté.

M2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum

If your brows have never fully recovered from the ultra-skinny brow trends of the 90s and early 2000s, this eyebrow growth serum is for you. Formulated with many of the same ingredients as the M2 Beauté’s best selling lash serum, it’s designed to restore over plucked brows to their fluffy former glory. Yes, please!

M2 BEAUTÉ EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM 5MLM2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum
Bring over plucked brows back to life thanks to this restoring, nourishing formula.



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