Mica Mineral Powder

Mica Beauty Cosmetics advertise as an organic, chemical-free makeup collection and stated that all of Mica Beauty’s makeup products are made with 100% natural ingredients. With its name of the brand, their main ingredient is Mica powder.

What is Mica Mineral Powder?

The name, Mica is the name for a group of natural minerals. Mica mineral can be bright, highly shimmery or be entirely matte. Once they are purified and crushed, Mica powder is created. With its fine texture for cosmetic grade, they are used for a range of natural reflective colours. Different sizes of Mica Powder help the companies to offer different types of products with silky satin to sparkling finish. In addition, the size of the Mineral Mica Powder can affect the colour, the smaller the size of the powder, it becomes shimmer more and pigmented in colour.

It is commonly known for using in natural cosmetic products, as they are a natural chemical colouring ingredient, providing colours in shimmer or matte finish. The reflective colours from Mica powder are long-lasting and very pigmented. Which is the reason why the beauty industry loves to use as Mica Powder Cosmetic products. With its fine texture, it is easy in application and blending without irritating the skin.

Is it Safe to use Mica Mineral Powder?

It is safe to use on the skin. Therefore, mineral products are clean and is ideal for people who are struggling with skin conditions such as acne and sensitive skin. Allowing people to enjoy wearing makeup and achieving a natural flawless look and boost their self-confidence. They will be able to explore into bold colours and create all type of looks to express themselves. The Mica Powder is able to create an iridescent look and depth on your makeup look naturally. Likewise, Mica Powder can create a nice glow on your look, by hiding fine lines and highlighting your best features on your face and still look natural. Without Mica Mineral Powder in cosmetics, companies will make their cosmetics products with dyes and chemical where it can irritate or it could be sensitive to the skin.

Mica Beauty Cosmetics uses Mica Mineral in their makeup range. Their best-seller Mica Mineral product is Mineral Foundation Powder which is able to have a natural matte finish with sheer coverage. Also, it does not clog up the pores, giving the opportunity for your skin to breathe when you are wearing it. Furthermore, it is also in blushes, bronzer and eye shadows. Check them out in Mica Beauty Cosmetics Online Store!

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