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Discontinued - Get the full benefits with FOREO's Luna Mini 3 Mint

Your skin type comes with unique needs, and no one knows that better than LUNA play. It has a 2-zone facial brush that features finer touch-points to cleanse sensitive/normal skin on larger areas like the cheeks and forehead, while thicker touchpoints provide a deep and precise cleansing on areas like the T-zone.

The tiny but mighty sonic face cleanser and massager.

Fun, affordable, and the perfect introduction to the amazing skincare benefits that come from T-Sonic™ cleansing. Luna Play proves that great things come in cute packages! It uses a compact design and 2-zone brush to gently and thoroughly offer your skin a sonic cleanse to leave you glowing and gorgeous with just 1 minute twice a day!

Key Benefits:

  • Channels 8,000 T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations every minute. 
  • Allows effective deep cleansing and massaging that remains gentle on your skin.
  • Rounded silicone touch-points gentle enough for daily use.
  • Made of quick-drying, nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup.
  • Up to 35x more hygienic than standard bristled cleansing brushes.
  • Fully waterproof. 
  • Travel-friendly size.
  1. Apply your regular cleanser. 
  2. Wet Luna Play and turn on the device. 
  3. Gently move Luna Play's cleansing surface in circular motions around your face for 1 minute. 
  4. Rinse and dry your face. 
  5. Apply your other skincare products, if any.

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