Our Favourite 5 Antioxidants in Skincare

Hopefully, none of us will ever suffer the misfortune of being stranded on a desert island. However, if you've ever pondered which skincare ingredients you'd want with you for the duration, our answer would be antioxidants! But what makes antioxidants good for your skin?

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In skincare, antioxidants are some of the best to have in your arsenal if you want to maintain a youthful complexion for many years. The reason for this is that antioxidants are what neutralise skin-damaging free radicals and protect healthy skin cells from oxidative stress. 

Because they're widely accepted as one of the best ingredients for preventing premature ageing, skincare with antioxidants is easy to find. Instead, the greater challenge is knowing which ones you need and understanding their benefits. 

To help you choose, here's a quick rundown of a few we recommend!

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5 Best Antioxidants in Skincare to Try

Our round-up of our favourite antioxidants in skincare covers the best in anti-ageing to the best for hyperpigmentation or sensitive skin. There's an antioxidant for every skin type and concern - all the more reason to add them to your skincare routine!

#1: Vitamin C

Few antioxidant skincare ingredients live up to the same hype as Vitamin C. You'll find it at the top of any antioxidant list because it is uniquely universal in its ability to benefit just about all skin types, conditions, and concerns. 

Vitamin C supports collagen production, diminishes discolouration, and boosts the skin's immunity against acne. It's also the go-to for cultivating a radiant glow. For best results, experts recommend adding a little C to your morning routine.

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#2: Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short, is a natural compound that your body produces and is integral to cell energy and the skin's repair processes. Unfortunately, because the skin's levels of CoQ10 decline with age, a lack of it can contribute to signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots. 

Fortunately, experts say that topical application of this often overlooked ingredient can deliver the complete antioxidant protection needed to keep skin looking and feeling youthful. The benefits of CoQ10 pay off in the long run for glowing, firm skin.

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#3: Niacinamide

Also listed as Vitamin B5, Niacinamide has become an increasingly popular antioxidant skincare ingredient and can be found in many of today's top-selling products. 

The secret is out that Niacinamide benefits the skin with anti-inflammatory properties. It works exceptionally well to address concerns such as irritation and redness, promoting an overall calm, clear complexion. For this reason, it's a stellar choice for anyone struggling with acne, rosacea, or sensitive skin.

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#4: Resorcinol

When utilised as an active ingredient under the name Phenylethyl Resorcinol, research indicates that this antioxidant may be able to lighten and brighten the skin naturally.

It's a synthetic antioxidant, but some studies say it's just as effective as other more commonly used free-radical fighting agents for fending off dark spots, discolouration, and uneven skin tone.

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#5: Resveratrol

Derived from grapes, or technically the skin of grapes, Resveratrol has preservative properties that make it a must-have in any healthy ageing routine. 

In addition to being an antioxidant, Resveratrol is rich in polyphenols and is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. These properties mean that Resveratrol can support optimal skin health and protect your complexion against external aggressors in your everyday environment.

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Why Antioxidants Are Good For Your Skin

Antioxidants are good for your skin in more than just one way. They're a great way to prevent premature signs of ageing, fortifying your skin against external stressors that cause collagen loss. Antioxidants in skincare also keep your skin even-toned and naturally radiant, free of blemishes and dark spots.

In skincare, antioxidants can even help reduce skin redness and irritation thanks to their natural anti-inflammatory benefits. These versatile skincare ingredients are a must-have in your beauty routine!

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