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Technology is reshaping our everyday lives - and skin care is no exception. Beauty devices and skin care tools can help take your skin care routine from newbie to expert - there’s a tool for every part of your routine. From cleansing, to anti-ageing, to soothing and massaging your skin - there’s something for everyone.

Different Kinds of Skin Care Tools

Getting the best results from skin care devices means choosing the right one for your skin care needs. Some are designed to leave skin super clean, reducing the likelihood of breakouts, while some help to slow down the signs of ageing. Here are some of the best skin care tools out there and what they can do for your skin

Skin Care Devices for Cleansing Skin

Cleansing Brushes

When it comes to getting skin super clean, there’s nothing that can do it better than an ultrasonic cleansing brush. They’re designed to make your regular cleanser work even better, getting every last particle of dirt and dead skin cells off of your skin. When skin is this clean, it makes the rest of your routine even more effective!

Facial Tools For Treating Skin


LED Light Facial Tools

Did you know that different wavelengths of light affect skin? And in more than one way - there are two main benefits to using LED light therapy. Certain wavelengths are able to stimulate collagen production and influence the structure of skin so that it looks younger and firmer.

Other wavelengths are able to zap acne-causing bacteria, getting rid of breakouts without needing to use irritating topical treatments.

Face & Eye Massage Devices

Is there anything better than getting a face massage? Now you can give yourself a relaxing facial massage at home. Both ultrasonic massage tools and hand held tools like jade rollers and gua sha tools massage and sculpt skin, encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for relaxed, younger-looking skin.

There’s no limit on how many skin care tools you can use in your beauty routine! The best one for your skin routine is here at Beauty Affairs - sign up for a membership to exclusive access to the best in beauty devices.

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