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When it comes to eye care, there are so many products to choose from - you don’t have to stick with the heavier textures of creams these days. That’s where an eye serum comes in!

Why Choose an Eye Serum?

One of the reasons why you’d go with serum is that it has a lighter texture. Skin types that will appreciate this difference most are those with oily and combination skin - it’s easy for creamy products to feel much too heavy in the delicate undereye area. 

They aren’t any less potent than their creamy counterparts, though! In fact, it’s argued that they’re more effective due to their lightweight yet concentrated texture. How? Rather than mainly smoothing and conditioning the upper layers of the skin, an eye serum is formulated for maximum absorption 

When it comes to your undereye concerns, this kind of product is what you should reach for if they include something more than just plain hydration. They’re packed with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, skin ferments, and peptides, plus others to target dark circles, eye bags, as well as firm undereye skin. The best eye serum for you depends on the results you’re looking for!

Best Eye Serum Tips

Make sure you use them before your moisturiser. If you try to apply a light, serum texture after massaging in your moisturiser it might not be able to penetrate to the skin where it’s needed - weakening the effects of your eye care! 

The best tip for applying eye products is to use your ring finger. Using your ring finger (it’s your weakest finger and therefore the most gentle) ensures you don’t accidentally tug your delicate undereye skin. Keep gently patting until fully absorbed - that’s when you’re ready to go ahead with the rest of your beauty routine. 

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