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Many of us underestimate how easy it can be to get perfect nails at home - with the right nail products, you can have nails that always look fresh from the salon. It all starts with nail care, from cuticle oil and nail files for healthy nails to using nail primer and topcoat to ensure that your manicure stays chip-free. 

Looking for the best nail products - online or at the pharmacy - we’ve got everything you need when it comes to luxury cosmetics and nail products - Australia-wide shipping now available.

Guide to Essential Nail Products

Here’s our guide to some of the amazing nail polish & nail care products that you should keep as part of your at-home manicure kit - especially if you want to keep your nails looking amazing between appointments or finally master making your nails look amazing on your own!

Cuticle Oil: Getting great nails starts with using cuticle oil regularly. Did you know it benefits more than just your cuticles? It also moisturises your nails, helping them stay strong and prevent peeling. 

Base Coat: Base coats give nail polish something to stick to so that they’ll look better for longer on your nails. They also prep your nail for nail polish, smoothing out any ridges for a flawless finish. 

Strengthening Base Coat: If you’re looking for something that does a 2-in-1 job of working as a base coat and strengthening weak nails, a strengthening base coat might be for you. They have ingredients that help to fortify brittle nails while helping your nail polish last for longer.

Quick Dry Top Coat: A speed dry topcoat is a must-have if you’re someone that tends to nick your nail polish while it’s still wet! Other than sealing everything and adding a glossy shine, a quick dry top coat conveniently cuts down drying time.

High Shine Top Coat: Even though these are sometimes called gel topcoats, they’re not the same as the cured gel that you’d find in a salon. However, they give a similar effect - they make your nails look super glossy and shiny, just like a gel manicure

How to Use Nail Products for Perfect Nails

Apply a base coat on each of your nails to prime and prep for nail polish. Using your favourite nail colour, carefully apply two coats of nail polish on each nail. A pro tip is to let the first coat dry for at least a minute before the second coat - by the time you’ve gone ‘round each of your fingers, that’s more than enough time! 

Two coats are usually enough for most nail polish shades - sheerer shades might need three to even out any streaks, but two is a good rule of thumb. Seal everything with your favourite top coat and voilà - your nails are perfectly done! 

Where to Buy the Best Nail Products Online

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