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If you’ve ever wondered if your hands aren’t doing a good enough job of cleansing your face, a cleansing brush might be for you. These nifty skin care devices are a great way to ensure that your face is seriously clean, without irritating or stripping your skin.

Benefits of a Facial Cleansing Brush

A skin cleansing brush helps to get every last bit of grime and dirt off your skin, leaving it incredibly clean. They sweep away pore-clogging dead skin cells and excess sebum for cleaner and clearer skin. However, they're not just good for oily and acne-prone skin! All skin types benefit from the basic idea of ensuring skin is sparkling clean.

It goes a long way to ensure that the rest of your skin care works as it should. It’s not going to be as effective if there’s a layer of grime in the way! If you think you don’t need a facial cleansing brush, Australia has an environment that proves otherwise - it can get pretty dusty and if you live in a city, your skin gets grimy with pollution quickly (even if you can’t see it). That’s when a face brush comes in to save the day!

Other than getting your skin spick-and-span, a facial cleansing brush ensures that the rest of your products sink into your skin better than if you had cleansed with just your hands.

How to Use a Skin Cleansing Brush

One myth about using a face brush is that you need to use a lot of pressure. Here’s the thing - all you need to do is gently move them around your skin in a circular motion. Some brushes even come with timers that beep when the perfect amount of time has passed to cleanse your skin!

If you’re still looking for a facial cleansing brush, Australia has the ultimate beauty destination - Beauty Affairs!

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