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Royal jelly is a skin care ingredient fit for a queen - literally. Just like honey, royal jelly is produced by bees as an exclusive food source for the queen. It’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients - which is what makes it such an amazing all-rounder skincare ingredient.

What Does Royal Jelly Skin Care Do?

One of the major benefits of royal jelly skin care products is that they help to fight off the signs of ageing. Royal jelly is able to slow down how quickly skin cells deteriorate, keeping them in their younger phase for longer, and overall delaying any sign of ageing.

Royal jelly is also a powerful skin soother - it works double-time by calming sensitive, redness-prone skin and holding off inflammaging. Inflammaging is the newly established link between the signs of ageing and inflammation in the skin; by reducing inflammation in the skin, the skin is both less sensitive and less vulnerable to premature fine lines & wrinkles. 

Another benefit of using royal jelly skin care is to hydrate the skin - royal jelly is one of the few ingredients other than ceramides that are able to increase ceramide levels in the skin, keeping it moisturised, healthy, and glowing. 

Royal jelly skin care products are also effective at reversing the signs of sun damage on the skin - studies have found that it can basically undo the damage of UV B rays with another double-edged effect of boosting collagen and reducing inflammation. 

How Do You Add Royal Jelly Skin Care Products to Your Routine?

The great thing about royal jelly is that it doesn’t need to be in a specific product for it to benefit your skin! Some brands like Guerlain have entire royal jelly skin care lines - it’s in everything from face wash, to serum, to moisturiser to ensure that your skin is getting all the benefits possible from this exceptional skin care ingredient. 

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