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When it comes to the moisture step of your body care routine, you’re spoilt for choice - body butter, body lotions, and body oils are all fantastic moisturising products for your body care routine. However, massage body oils have something above the rest - the fact that their oils have a unique set of benefits for your skin.

Benefits of a Body Massage Oil

Body oil is perfect for locking water-based hydration into the skin. They’re incredibly effective at ensuring that skin is soft to the touch, without any dry patches or rough spots. You can use them anywhere in your body care routine where you’d normally use a cream body moisturiser!

Sometimes, some oils come with added peppermint oil to stimulate the skin - however, some peoples’ skin can’t tolerate this. If you have sensitive skin, buy massage oils that are pure oils instead of blends. Jojoba oil, argan oil, and shea butter are nourishing key ingredients to look for! 

How to Use Massage Body Oils

First, a beauty tip - you can maximise all the benefits of massage oils by exfoliating your skin beforehand with a body scrub. This ensures that there are no dead skin cells lingering on your skin and that all the goodness of your body massage oil sinks in for a signature moisturised glow. 

While you could just moisturise your skin with massage body oils, why not take your beauty routine to the next level and actually give yourself a quick massage? Giving yourself a mini-massage benefit beyond just making your skin feel amazing - here’s how. 

One of the major benefits of massage with massage oils is encouraging lymphatic drainage and encouraging blood circulation. This ensures that your body is working as it should be! When applying your body oil, use firm strokes in the direction of your heart to encourage proper circulation for healthier skin and body. 

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