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Are you looking for the perfect makeup product to help make your skin look amazing? A makeup foundation is precisely what you’re looking for. Different foundation creams and powders are available for different skin types and preferred makeup looks. Beauty Affairs has an extensive collection of foundation powder and cream from well-known brands like M.A.C, GA-DE, Dior, Giorgio Armani, INIKA etc. Our range of makeup foundation covers all types of skin. If you are unsure about your skin type, take our skin analysis quiz. Then you can order the right foundation for makeup.

Here are our best tips for helping you find the perfect foundation makeup for you - whether you’re looking for a full-coverage cream, buildable liquid formula, or an easy-to-use powder for the on-the-go.

Benefits of A Powder Foundation

If you are new to makeup, a powder foundation could be proper for you. First, powders are incredibly user-friendly - all you need to do is swirl your brush in the pan and sweep it over your face to apply.

Using a powder foundation means you can get everything from sheer to full coverage - loose powder foundations provide a gentle sweep of coverage, while pressed powder formulas tend to have a bit more pigment to them. It’s incredibly difficult to apply too much powder foundation at once, plus the shade matches are much more forgiving than using a cream or liquid foundation.

Powder foundations are great for all skin types, but especially for combination and oily skin. Why? The extra powders help to absorb any excess skin oils, keeping skin matte and shine-free for longer.

What About Cream Foundation?

Cream (and liquid foundations) are perfect for creating a red-carpet-ready look. They come in various finishes, tones, and coverage - there’s a foundation for everyone! The thing with cream foundations is that they’re, well, creamy - the pigment is formulated in a moisturising base, which makes them better for normal to dry skin.

However, with modern technology, that’s not always the case anymore - some liquid foundations are formulated with oil-absorbing ingredients to promise all-day wear, even for oily skin.

Another bonus to using a cream foundation is that you have a lot of ways of customising it to your skin - here’s what we mean. Depending on the beauty tool you use to apply, you can affect the finish and coverage of your foundation. Applying clean fingers helps to melt cream foundation seamlessly into the skin for a natural look while using a damp makeup sponge helps create buildable coverage.

Using a makeup brush with cream or liquid foundations helps to create a flawless, high-coverage finish that smooths away the look of any blemishes and pigmentation - perfect for a special occasion (or any other time you want to feel glam!)

The Number 1 Enemy of Foundation: Australia’s Climate

However, one crucial thing you need to know when browsing for foundation - Australia’s unique climate creates challenging conditions for keeping your makeup red-carpet ready. Regarding foundation, Australia’s hot summer days can be incredibly unforgiving - the heat boosts oil production and breaks down makeup.

The solution? Using the right foundation formula for your skin type and primer and powder to set your look into place and helping it last all day. Don’t forget the power of a setting spray, either!

Find the best foundation for your skin here at Beauty Affairs - Australia’s favourite luxury beauty destination. Free shipping Australia-wide with orders over $179.

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