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Is there anything more satisfying than using a body scrub for incredibly soft skin? As part of a full body care routine, physical exfoliation goes a long way towards ensuring your skin looks flawless - here’s why.

The Benefits of a Body Scrub

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that benefits from regular exfoliation! However, the skin on our bodies is different and can deal with certain types of physical exfoliation better. A body exfoliator is perfect, especially on dry elbows and knees. 

The best body scrubs are formulated with natural particles that gently buff away excess dead skin cells to reveal glowing, radiant skin underneath. The benefits of body exfoliation also include smoother skin and reducing any bumps caused by ingrown hairs.

These natural particles can be coffee grounds, ground walnut shells, or even bamboo cellulose. Alongside the scrubbing granules, body scrubs are also formulated with nourishing ingredients like ceramides and aloe vera so skin isn’t left feeling dry after exfoliation.

Seriously - a combination of a nourishing body exfoliator and moisturising lotion is a surefire way to ensure that your skin feels amazing from head to toe! When it comes to finding the ideal body lotion and body scrub, Australia, we’ve got you covered.

How Often to Use a Body Exfoliator

Body scrubs can be used more frequently than facial scrubs - anything from twice to four times a week is ideal to smooth out dry, flaky skin. However, if your skin (even on your body) leans on the sensitive side, once a week is totally fine too - what matters the most is keeping to a consistent body care schedule.

Some beauty routines require body exfoliation as a bit of prep, anyway. If you’re a fan of self-tanner (no more lying out in the sun!) using a body scrub beforehand ensures that your tan goes on evenly, no more streaks or uneven patches!

Indulge now in the perfect body scrub - Australia is lucky to have us! At Beauty Affairs, we’ve got the best body scrubs for your beauty routine. Afterpay is available.

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