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Gender-neutral perfumes have rocketed upwards in popularity - and for good reason. These universal aromas with complex yet neutral notes smell amazing on everyone thanks to expert noses behind each fragrance. Perfume tells gives us a chance to tell others a little bit about ourselves before  Find your new favourite unisex fragrance at Beauty Affairs today!

What is Unisex Perfume?

As you might guess, unisex fragrances are perfumes that can be worn by anyone. Technically, all fragrances are unisex - so if there’s a perfume that you love but technically isn’t marketed to your gender, know that you can basically ignore the packaging and rock that perfume! 

When it comes to perfume, there are no limits - individual scent notes aren’t necessarily gendered which means that there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t add a gender neutral perfume to your fragrance collection.

Why You’ll Love Unisex Fragrance

One of the biggest ways to grow your perfume collection is to share it with your partner. The same perfume might smell completely different (in a good way!) on you compared to them, thanks to your individual skin chemistry. While it’s true that all perfumes, not just the gender-neutral kind, smell different depending on our skin, there’s something about wearing the same perfume as your partner and having it smelling completely different on them. 

Gender-neutral fragrances also make great back-up gifts - if you’re not sure exactly what the giftee might like, chances are a fragrance that swings both ways might be right up their alley. Remember, unisex perfumes are carefully crafted to not lean too feminine or evoke strong masculinity - they’re perfect for complimenting what you’ve already got, and thanks to your natural body chemistry, will create a fragrance that smells completely unique to you. 

Our Favourite Gender-Neutral Perfumes

When it comes to the perfume game, no one does it better than Tom Ford. Did you know that one of their best-selling perfumes, Tom Ford Black Orchid is a unisex fragrance? This iconic perfume has sensual notes that compliment all genders - not just men or women. Notes of black truffle, orchid, bergamot, and patchouli come together to create a complex fragrance that isn’t inherently feminine or masculine - it toes the line and enthralls wearers with a unique blend that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Where to Shop Unisex Perfume Australia

Browse the best in luxury fragrances here at Beauty Affairs. Whether you’re shopping for men’s fragrance, women’s fragrance or the best in gender-neutral perfumes, you’re sure to find something you love in our fragrance edit! Find a signature fragrance from classic brands such as Creed and Penhaligon’s, or shop luxury fragrances from Tom Ford, Versace, and more. 

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