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As far as beauty devices go, an eye massager can do a great job of relaxing tired, tense under eyes and helping to sweep away any dark circles and eye bags. But that’s not all they can do!

Benefits of a Sonic Eye Massager

If you struggle with eye bags and dark circles, a sonic eye massager is definitely something you’ll love in your beauty routine. Did you know that in most cases, eye bags are caused by fluid pooling under the eyes? 

This leads to puffy under eyes and dark circles as blood also pools in the area. This type of facial massager saves the day by using ultrasonic vibrations to boost circulation and encourage any extra puffiness to drain away for a fresh, I-woke-up-like-this appearance.

An eye massager is also great for anyone wanting to gently massage away any under-eye wrinkles. First, ultrasonic vibrations can enhance the absorption of your favourite eye creams, boosting their benefits for even better results. Combined with skincare ingredients like caffeine and peptides, you’ve got a surefire recipe for fighting off any crepey under the eyes! 

How to Use an Eye Massager

The great thing about this kind of beauty device is you can use it day and night to really boost the power of your eye creams and to banish puffy under eyes. Once you’re at the eye care step of your beauty routine, apply your eye care product and fire up your eye massager. 

You don’t need to apply much pressure with your sonic eye massager - just gently sweep it around the entire contour of your eye to stimulate circulation and boost skincare ingredient absorption. You can gently trace your entire eye contour for a relaxing, skincare-boosting massage. Now you’re ready for the next step in your beauty routine!

Boost your eyecare with a massager from us at Beauty Affairs today!

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