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Vitamin E skin care products are probably something you’ve used before and not even realised. It’s one of those skincare ingredients that’s in almost everything thanks to its powerful antioxidant ability - but that’s not all it can do for skin.

Why Use Vitamin E Skin Care?

Vitamin E is a lipid-based molecule that is naturally part of our skin structure and natural skin oils - that’s why skin tends to like it so much. Vitamin E is also naturally found in almost all plant oils, adding to each oil’s unique benefits and providing a source of Vitamin E for skin care. 

As a lipid, Vitamin E is a fantastic moisturiser. It’s able to condition skin, smoothing away any dry flakes and rough patches. That’s why some of the best Vitamin E skin care products out there are either oil serums or moisturisers - they’re formulated with other hydrating and nourishing ingredients to pair perfectly with the benefits of Vitamin E for the skin.

When it comes to a skin care cream, Vitamin E is almost always included for its ability to moisturise skin for its antioxidant benefits. As an antioxidant, Vitamin E helps to shield skin from environmental stress that could lead to premature wrinkles

How to Get the Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

The best Vitamin E skin care products to reach for are cream moisturisers and serums. Vitamin E makes up a crucial part of an ingredient's formula, working as both a moisturiser to soften skin and an antioxidant to provide protective anti-ageing benefits. If you’re looking for a simple, yet effective skin care cream, Vitamin E products won’t steer you wrong. 

Vitamin E also plays well with other skin care ingredients, so it can slot in perfectly to a routine that you already have - no dramas! 

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