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What is Eye Care?

Eye skin care is often completely underrated, but it’s a non-negotiable if you really want to solve your skin concerns. Using the right products for this delicate area goes a long way to minimise eye bags and crow’s feet!

Caring properly for this area is crucial - the skin on your eye contour is the thinnest skin on the entire body, and deserves to be taken care of properly with the right skin care. That’s why we’ve curated the best of the best eye cream for you at Beauty Affairs.

Plus, eye care doesn’t only mean ‘eye cream’ these days - you can get eye gels, eye serums, and even under eye mask patches. There’s something for everyone!

Do Eye Creams Work?

Yes - so long as you’re using one that’s right for your concerns. The best eye cream ingredients for anti-ageing are retinol, ceramides, and skin ferments, so look for any of those to fight off the first sign of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Dark circles and puffy eyes are brightened with a combination of caffeine and peptides to encourage circulation for a brighter, more awake appearance - no more raccoon eyes here! The best eye cream for dry skin moisturises and hydrates at the same time, banishing any under-eye dryness - look for ingredients like shea butter and hyaluronic acid to smooth away lines caused by dehydrated skin. 

How to Apply Eye Skin Care

The best tip for using eye serums and creams to pat them in with your ring finger. Apply eye product to your orbital bone - that’s the bottom of your eye socket that you can feel under your eye and even up to your brow bone, but not on your eyelid itself. 

The ring finger is the weakest finger, so you won’t put too much pressure and tug on your skin. You don’t need to rub them in - you could cause premature wrinkles! 

This applies to all textures of eye care products, like gels and serums. Eye gels and serums are better for oily skinned folks, or for those who don’t necessarily have dryness issues in their under eye area. They’re lightweight formulas with targeted ingredients to correct specific concerns like anti-ageing and dark circles, without the heaviness need for very dry undereye skin. 

It’s also really important to not apply it too close to your actual eye. Don’t apply skin care all the way up to your waterline - skincare naturally ‘travels’ a small amount on skin anyway. Trust us, your skincare is getting to where it needs to be! 

You can use them morning and night too, depending on the ingredients. A hydrating eye product makes a great, creaseless base for undereye concealer (and flawless makeup) - and some even come with built-in SPF for two-in-one anti-ageing and sun protection. 

At Beauty Affairs, we’ve got undereye creams from all your favourite brands, created with scientifically-backed formulas - Guerlain, Lancôme, and Estée Lauder, plus more. Don’t forget to keep up with our latest beauty expert-approved beauty tips to get the most out of your skincare!

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