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Squalane in skincare is having a major moment right now, and for good reason. It’s a great addition to any facial oil or moisturiser, and can even be used on its own for a lightweight yet super dewy look. But what is squalane in skin care?

Squalane is an ultra-lightweight lipid that these days, is derived from olives. Squalane skin care is great for all skin types - here’s why it’s in so many fantastic skin care products.

Why Is Squalane in Skin Care?

The reason squalane is found in so many products - from facial oil serums to soothing moisturisers - is because of what it can do for the skin. Squalane skin care benefits include moisturising skin without risking breakouts. How? It’s non-comedogenic, meaning it has zero likelihood of blocking pores and causing breakouts.

Squalane is also unscented, making it ideal for sensitive skin which can be reactive to fragrance - no matter if it’s natural or not.

The reason squalane works so well for our skin is that it’s closely related to squalene, a molecule that’s part of our skin’s natural sebum. They both have the same skincare benefits - squalane is just a more stable version of the molecule that can be used in skincare.

Who Should Use Squalane Skin Care?

If you’re still thinking, “What is squalane?” in skincare, all you need to know is that it’s amazing. Squalane is one of those magic ingredients that work for all skin types! It’s lightweight, so it feels non-greasy and not too heavy on oily and combination skin. However, as an oil, it’s a super-effective moisturiser - so it helps to parch dry skin and fight away dehydration.

Squalane skin care benefits also include antioxidant potential and a unique ability to soothe irritated skin, something that comes in handy for anti-ageing and sensitive skin types.

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