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I know what you’re thinking - wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just buy skin care in a premade set? Well, your prayers are answered, because you can - and they’re a great way to try new products. If you’re new to the skin care world, trying to choose your routine from all the amazing products out there can be super overwhelming - that’s why skin care sets are such a lifesaver. 

Best Skin Care Sets for Beauty Beginners

Sets simplify creating your skin care routine by providing you with the basics, in bite-sized form. They’re a great way to try new products without committing to the full size (just in the unlikely case that they don’t suit your skin).

Alongside starting you off with the basics (usually a cleanser and moisturiser, plus maybe a serum) sets can give you a taste of the best of a particular brand. Pre-made skin care packs are a great way to try new things with minimal investment - but the products are just as effective as the full size. 

Once you’ve got the basics of a routine down, it’s time to start thinking about extras, like ampoules and essences. For beauty beginners, sets that have smaller sizes of serums and toners are a great way to test the waters

Skin Care Sets Make Great Gifts

Sets also make great gifts! There are gift sets out there for every skin care type and every skin concern. Skin care set for dry skin might include a hyaluronic acid serum and thicker moisturiser to lock in hydration, while one for oily skin might have a clay mask and mattifying toner.

There’s something for everyone, and the possibilities are endless! And here’s the thing - if you end up buying a skin care kit for yourself as a gift, no one’s judging anything except your good taste. 

And these sets aren’t just for your face, either! You can get a taste of the best in body care thanks to sets that are designed to take care of the skin on our bodies. The best skincare sets for body products usually have a combination of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising products to take your body care routine to the next level and help you find new favourites. 

Best Skin Care Sets for Travel

Another major benefit of getting skincare kits of smaller-sized products is that they’re super travel-friendly! Here’s the thing - decanting your skincare into travel containers is kind of a pain. It’s messy, and you might accidentally waste the product - but you still need to save space in your suitcase for souvenirs. 

That’s where travel-sizes and minis from skincare sets come in. Their smaller sizes mean you can still bring all of your skincare favourites with you but have more room in your luggage for the other essentials. 

Shop the best in beauty sets and gift packs here at Beauty Affairs! Browse luxury brands like SK-II, La Mer, and Sisley to find the perfect skincare for you.

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