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This makeup step is underestimated but crucial to ensuring your base makeup looks fantastic. That’s right; we’re talking about face powder. It’s a bit of a confusing category since there are a lot of different kinds of powders out there! Here’s our guide to choosing the suitable powder for your skin type (and how to use it)!

Different Types of Face Powder

There are a lot out there with slightly different purposes when it comes to makeup powder. Some of these powders might sound familiar: loose powder, pressed powder, finishing powder, and mattifying powder, to name a few. What’s the difference? 

Let’s start with loose and pressed powder - these refer to how a face powder is packaged and can technically refer to a powder foundation. 

A loose powder comes in a jar with a sifter on the top to help disperse the product quickly - despite this, it can be too easy to pick up too much loose powder at once! A pressed powder comes in a compact, much more travel-friendly and user-friendly. 

What about mattifying powders? Well, these are saviours for those with oily skin. A mattifying powder is usually formulated with sebum-absorbing ingredients to keep makeup shine-free and matte. They can make skin look a little too powdery sometimes, though - the best tip is to apply them on the forehead and t-zone; the usual spots 

What Is a Finishing Powder?

Finishing powder is often mixed up with a setting powder - they may sound similar but differ in technique and formula. A setting powder is for setting your makeup in place - it helps to prevent the skin’s natural oils from breaking through the foundation, ensuring that your makeup lasts all day - or all night - long! 

This powder type is aptly named - it finishes your makeup look. They’re formulated to have a blurring, perfecting effect for a flawless finish. Finishing powders can also help soften the powderiness of makeup on the skin, especially for dry skin. How? Some are created with softly illuminating particles to add dimension to the skin for a natural glow.

How to Use Makeup Powder

No matter the kind of powder you reach for, they should always be relegated as the final step of your base makeup routine - and here’s how to use them. Using a fluffy brush, gently swirl the bristles in the compact (if pressed) or into the sifter (loose). Here’s the thing - you don’t want to go straight from this step to your face! 

Tap the side of your brush against your mirror to get any excess product off of the brush. This excess can create cakiness on the skin - if you feel like your powder makes your makeup look cakey, this might solve your problem! 

Now, you can sweep your fluffy brush all over your face, getting powder everywhere you need it to be to keep your makeup flawless.

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