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Peptides are unique skin care ingredients that can do so much for the skin! They’re technically what’s called an amino acid - aka, the building blocks of protein. Peptides are an effective skincare ingredient for pretty much everything to do with anti-ageing - so if you’re looking for only the best ingredients to fight off fine lines and wrinkles, don’t overlook these helpful amino acids!

The Magic of Peptides for Skin

If you’re still wondering how peptides even work, here’s a quick run-through. Peptides basically tell skin cells how to act; they can tell it to produce more collagen, to produce less melanin, and to hold onto more moisture.

Depending on the type of peptides, some can even have a ‘botox-like’ effect. How? They’re able to send signals to relax the muscles underneath the skin so they’re not able to make the same wrinkle-causing movements.

Peptides are also amazing for reversing the signs of sun damage on the skin, especially hyperpigmentation caused by excessive UV exposure. These peptides signal skin that they’re producing too much melanin, reducing the appearance of any dark patches and restoring skin to an even, glowing tone. Skin care with peptides and retinol works absolute magic on sun damage - and yes, they work well together, too!

Peptides also work wonders for dark circles and puffy under eyes - they’re able to diminish shadows and stimulate circulation, banishing those under-eye bags.

The Best Way to Use Peptides for Skin

Here’s the thing - peptides are great for anti-ageing. They’re the kind of ingredient that plays well with other ingredients, too! Using skin care with peptides and retinol is the perfect recipe for tackling the signs of ageing, plus any pesky fine lines and wrinkles. 

Peptides are something you can add to your skincare routine in the form of serums, moisturisers, and even eye care products - they play well in any shape or form.

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