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Say goodbye to hair woes and hello to good hair days with ghd Hair. As the pioneer of 21st-century hair straightening, ghd delivers transformational results with its meticulously-engineered styling range, designed for both amazing results and ultimate safety. Learn about the hair revolution that has reshaped beauty norms and unlocked the secrets to a salon-perfect finish every day, right at home.

How ghd Took the World by Storm

A Short History of Hair Straightening

Women have sought sleek, straight hair since the 1890s, utilising everything from chemical relaxers to hair dryers and DIY products. Unfortunately, these methods often lacked safety features and used harsh chemicals, which could lead to hair damage.

ghd Arrives

In 2001, Yorkshire hairdressers Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls changed the hair game forever. They introduced a revolutionary hair styler from Korea to the UK, creating a product that quickly became an indispensable styling tool. Sold primarily through salons, ghd (which stands for Good Hair Day) developed a loyal following thanks to the endorsements of professional stylists.

A Hair Revolution

Commanding the respect and loyalty of hairstylists and customers alike, ghd Hair gained cult-like status across the nation. This brand made good hair days more than just a monthly luxury provided by salon visits. ghd empowers women worldwide, making quality, at-home hairstyling mainstream and accessible. With ghd’s styling products, women found they could enjoy salon-like results every day.

The Allure of ghd’s Top Products

The Iconic Original Hair Straightener

Today, dual-plate hair straighteners are a common sight in salons and dressing tables everywhere, but back then, the ghd hair straightener was revolutionary. By coating the metal plates in ceramic, hair is heated more gently and evenly, minimising damage from hot spots in the plates. 

The ceramic plates were also set on ‘floating’ springs that glide easily without snagging. This lessens the number of strokes required to straighten the hair and the amount of heat exposure the hair gets overall.

In 2022, the company reintroduced the original game-changing hair straightener that first hit the market in 2001. This hair styler maintains its iconic visual design, including the ceramic gold plates that instantly set it apart.

Premium Styling Tools

ghd hair styling tools maintain a perfect styling temperature of 185°C, ensuring a salon-smooth finish every time. 

The ghd Gold® Hair Straightener, with dual-zone technology, balances the heat on both plates to optimise straightening. Meanwhile, the ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener is a smart tool that identifies your hair’s thickness and adjusts the styling speed, monitoring temperature 250 times per second to provide the ideal heat.

The Personal Touch of ghd Hair Products

Their diverse product line caters to the unique needs of various hair types: be it hair lacking shine, heat-damaged hair, frizzy hair, or curly hair, among others. Be sure to check the product details diligently when you join the next ghd sale.

Embrace the Luxury of ghd

ghd Today: Innovation and Influence

ghd Hair’s commitment to pioneering advancements in the world of hair styling is unmistakable. Their unique research and development lab, established in 2010, focuses on the thermal manipulation of hair. ghd now proudly holds over a hundred patents.

Over the years, the company’s product range expanded to include blowdryers in 2012 and curlers in 2014, consistently innovating to give you that perfect good hair day.

Ease of Use

ghd hair tools combine simplicity and safety. Just plug it in, press the on button, and wait for the reassuring ding. With a steadfast core temperature, ghd takes the guesswork out of heat settings, minimising any heat-related damage.

Safety Ensured

All ghd styling products come with an auto shut-off feature after thirty minutes of non-use. Now, you don’t have to worry about whether your hair straighteners are switched off. Plus, they come with universal voltage, ensuring you can style your hair worry-free, wherever your travels take you.

The Lasting Impact of ghd Hair

Durable Hair Tools

With ghd Hair products, not only can you effortlessly style your hair, but you can also ensure its well-being. The superior quality of their stylers, which are drop-tested and quality-tested at their headquarters, promises longevity, so you won’t need to look up ‘ghd dryer straightener’ again.

The ghd and Beauty Affairs Difference

Our mutual commitment to luxury, inclusivity, and visible results forms the essence of our bond with ghd. Together, we believe in providing you with an experience that is not merely luxurious but also effective and inclusive of your unique beauty needs.

Delivering Luxury

Nothing’s worse than a cheap styler conking out on you when you need it most – or worse, causing damage to your hair. At Beauty Affairs, we ensure that luxury always delivers. As a distributor of ghd Australia-wide, we empower you to experience the marriage of luxury and performance that ghd brings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any specific ghd hair products recommended for different hair types or textures?

ghd expertly crafts products to cater to diverse hair textures. For those blessed with curls, ghd’s unique hair dryer diffuser nozzle and Curly Ever After Hold Spray are your ideal companions. For hair that needs extra love and care, ghd’s hair protection spray and the Rehab line aim to mend damage like split ends and frizz. There’s plenty for those seeking that extra shimmer and smoothness, too!

What factors should I consider when choosing the right ghd hair dryer for my hair type?

ghd hair dryers are suitable for all hair types. Your lifestyle dictates your choice. Frequent travellers would appreciate the practicality of ghd’s Foldable Travel Hair Dryer. For everyday glamour, consider their Air Hair Dryer. Stylists and professionals seeking more control and precision can’t go wrong with their Professional Helios™ Hair Dryer.

How do I maintain my ghd hair tools to ensure their performance?

If not properly cleaned every three months, the ceramic plates on your ghd hair straighteners can become a habitat for product grime and dangerous bacteria. After all, those plates get exposed to hairspray and heavy products, plus oils secreted from your scalp.

ghd’s official advice is to use cotton wool dampened (not dripping) with nail varnish remover to wipe down the styler plates and body – while the styler is turned off and unplugged, of course. Allow it to completely dry before reusing your styler. Also, never use water or water-based cleaners!

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