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What do you think of when I say Poland? If you said kielbasa and pierogi, you’re not wrong  - but there’s one more thing that you should think of: amazing skincare. Yes, seriously - Poland might not necessarily be the first European country that comes to mind when it comes to famous cosmetics, but that’s all starting to change with one brand: Dr Irena Eris. 

Dr Irena Eris is now one of the most recognisable cosmetics brands in Poland, plus Dr Irena herself has won numerous recognition and awards - let’s see how it all started.

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Dr Irena Eris Face Zone Instant Beauty Boosting Essence | $129
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The Early Days

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The Dr Irena Eris skincare brand story starts in 1950 in Warsaw, Poland where Irena herself was born. She would eventually go on to study at the Medical University of Warsaw, then get her Doctorate in Pharmacy at the Humboldt University of Berlin. 

After working as a pharmacist for a few years, Dr Irena noticed a gap in the market. At the time, Poland was a communist country. Imports of cosmetics were a luxury - not something that many people were able to get their hands on. However, Polish women still wanted something that made them look and feel beautiful - that’s where Dr Irena steps in. 

In 1983, Dr Irena and her husband Henryk Orfinger decided to start a cosmetics brand, making creams in a small, makeshift laboratory. Dr Irena used her pharmaceutical knowledge to create the first Dr Irena Eris cream - this simple, yet effective formula was what opened the door for the brand’s success. 

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Dr Irena Eris Institute Solutions L-Ascorbic Power Treatment | $169
This moisturiser uses a combination of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to boost anti-ageing and hydrate skin. 

Dr Irena and her husband took a huge leap of faith to found the brand, and it paid off. They took off a loan worth six Polski Fiats to start the company - a lot of money for anyone, but especially in Poland at that time.

In those first few years, business was difficult and slow due to the bureaucracy of the communist government at the time - despite these difficulties, Dr Irena Eris was able to grow into the brand it is today. In the early days, they were only able to produce 3,000 jars of cream per month, and their only method of getting these creams to retailers was their family car - you can imagine how tricky it was! 

However, all that effort paid off - today, Dr Irena Eris is perhaps the most famous skincare brand in the entire country. 

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Dr Irena Eris Vitaceric Flawless Matte Finish Day Serum | $124
Refines and decongests pores by regulating sebum production for matte, flawless skin.

Brand Recognition

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Thanks to their luxurious and effective formulas, Dr Irena Eris (the brand) is now part of the Comité Colbert - a luxury cosmetics brand association once only limited to French cosmetics companies. Cool, right? 

And it’s not just the brand breaking boundaries! Dr Irena herself has been recognised as Business Woman of the Year and among the top 20 Most Influential Women in Poland - a well-deserved recognition.

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Dr Irena Eris Algorithm Instant Moisture Mask | $77
Vitamin bioconcentrates combined with an active form of Vitamin C brings refresh skin for a luminous glow.

Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institute and Spa

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Credit: Instagram/DrErinaEris

Fun fact - Dr Irena’s skincare brand was one of the first in the world to use Folic Acid and Potassium in skincare. Today, the brand still has that innovative spirit while focusing on scientifically proven and effective ingredients for each of the skincare lines. 

This research and dedication to using ingredients that really get results is reflected in the Dr Irena Eris brand today - but just using their products isn’t the only way to get the full Dr Irena Eris experience. 

The Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes provide an entire experience and treatment, all in one for their customers. At the institute, clinical level treatments and a skincare routine are tailored to each specific person’s concerns - making it an ultra-luxurious, ultra customisable treatment. Count me in!

For a slightly less clinic-based (but no less luxurious) experience , you can head to one of the Dr Irena Eris Spa Hotels in Poland for all-around wellness retreat that’s designed to make you feel beautiful on the inside and out.

There’s no doubt that Dr Irena Eris’ iconic status is well earned - so what are you waiting for? Get your beauty affairs in order today with the best in Polish luxury skincare!

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