Crow's Feet Treatments: Tackling Wrinkles

When it comes to wrinkles, some of the first that we might notice appearing are those tiny little creases at the outer corner of our eyes that deepen with expressions - especially smiling. They tend to appear shaped like a bird’s footprint - hence the name, crow’s feet.

Most people know where crow’s feet pop up on our faces, but what actually causes crow’s feet to begin with? And is there anything we can do about them?

What Causes Crow’s Feet Wrinkles?

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All wrinkles, including crow’s feet, can be categorised into two types: static wrinkles and dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles are wrinkles that aren’t caused by your skin moving. Instead, they’re caused by skin’s loss of elasticity and firmness over time and are visible even when your face is at rest. 

In contrast, dynamic wrinkles are usually invisible until you make a certain expression - in the case of crow’s feet, it’s squinting or smiling. Repeatedly making these expressions can kick start the crow’s feet creation process, making them appear sooner than you’d like.

How to Treat Crow’s Feet

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Luckily, there’s more than one way to try and eliminate crows feet - topical creams, injectables, and non-invasive treatments. However, each kind has their own pros and cons - here's what we think of each option.

1) Botox and Filler

It’s true that treating crow’s feet can be done with cosmetic injectables, however, we all know that these can be a little invasive and pricey. Botox alone or a combination of botox and filler can smooth crow’s feet out instantly, but require topping up to maintain a smooth, flawless look.

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2) Ultrasound Treatments

If you’re looking for non-invasive, professional-level treatment, an ultrasound facial just might be what you’re looking for. Ultrasound therapy involves stimulating the skin with ultrasound energy, encouraging it to produce more collagen that fills out these lines for less noticeable crow’s feet. 

By encouraging your skin to produce its own collagen - instead of relying on wrinkle-freezing botox - you might find that ultrasound therapy produces longer-lasting results, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet for longer!

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3) Collagen-Boosting Skincare

Regardless of each professional treatment option you go with, it’s always worth supplementing with skincare that helps to eliminate crow’s feet - especially with ingredients that help to support your skin’s collagen production. Retinol is one amazing ingredient to reach for - this skin-revitalising ingredient speeds up cellular turnover, in turn boosting collagen levels for firmer skin. 

Another powerhouse anti-wrinkle ingredient is Vitamin C - this antioxidant shields skin from crow’s feet-causing free radicals, while at the same time minimising the appearance of any wrinkles 

Tips for Preventing Crow’s Feet

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It’ll be easier to eliminate crow’s feet if you can prevent them from getting as deep in the first place - remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to beauty! 

Protecting your delicate under eyes will go a long way to preventing crow’s feet from forming as deeply - and you can do this a few different ways. 

1) Always Wear Sunscreen

Did you know that the number one cause of premature signs of ageing is sun exposure? Ensuring that your skin is well-protected against the sun - especially around your eyes - will go a long way to preventing crow’s feet from appearing as early and as deeply.

2) Wear Large-Rimmed Sunglasses

Wearing proper sunglasses does two crucial things that may help reduce the formation and appearance of crow’s feet. First of all, dark sunglasses mean you won’t squint as much, holding off the formation of crow’s feet for longer. Second, properly UV rated sunglasses don’t just shield your eyes from the sun - they also shield the skin around your eyes, preventing the harmful effects of UV rays from taking hold. 

3) Start Using an Eye Cream Early

When it comes to crow’s feet, starting an eye care product as an early preventative can go a long way to preventing them from appearing as fast - especially if you use eye care with the best ingredients. Retinol and Vitamin C are classic favourites to prevent wrinkles from forming and shielding skin at the same time, but in general, any eye cream that’s packed with antioxidants, fermented skincare ingredients and peptides are ones to reach for!

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