The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Best Gift Sets

This time of year tends to sneak up and all of a sudden, you’ve got to get your Christmas shopping done. We’ve rounded up the best gifts in beauty - there’s something for everyone in our Christmas bundles. They’re great for your equally-beauty obsessed friends, but also perfect for beauty beginners. Here’s a guide to our 12 favourite gift bundles to pop under the Christmas tree this year.  

Below $50

Hands & Lips bundle image

This is a great one for your mum, or anyone who might not splurge on something as luxe as a L’Occitane hand cream themselves. This bundle has a hand cream plus 100% shea butter. Shea butter is a super nourishing natural plant lipid that’s perfect for moisturising and rejvenating dry hands. After all the handwashing we’ve collectively done this year, dry hands deserve a bit of pampering. 

The pure shea butter balm is fantastic for soothing dry lips, but that’s not all it’s good for. In pure form, shea butter works to moisturise dry cuticles, elbows and even any dry patches on your face - it’s great for pretty much everywhere!

Mauve lip bundle image

We know - matching lipstick to a lipliner can be a total pain. That’s why we’ve done it for you - get the perfect glossy, mauve lip with GA-DE’s High Precision Lip Liner and Velveteen Lip Gel.   

Using a lipliner (even before a pigmented gloss) goes a long way to pulling a makeup look together. Give this gorgeous set to someone who loves a glossy, pigmented lip and you might just score some extra brownie points. 

Supple Smooth Hands & Feet bundle Image

This is for THAT friend who wants to keep her hands and feet looking just as good as they did when they left the salon. Especially in summer! Half of keeping your manicure and pedicure looking salon-fresh is by nourishing any dry skin on hands and feet - that’s where this set comes in. 

This non-stripping hand wash locks moisture into the skin, while a shea butter-rich foot balm stops any cracks and dry skin in its tracks. 

Bundles from $50-100

Getting brows from good to great is easy with this brow-tailored bundle - it has goodies from GA-DE to keep brows looking perfectly defined and groomed all day long. The GA-DE 3D Tattoo Brow Liner is perfect for creating that bushy, off-duty model brow look, plus the brow powder comes in three shades to keep brows looking dimensional (and natural). After brows are perfectly filled in, the brow gel locks them in all day long. We really mean all day! 


Crystal Clear Skin Bundle image

This bundle combines the skin-clearing power of enzymes with a gentle facewash. Clean and freshly exfoliated skin sets the tone for the rest of your skincare routine! An enzyme exfoliant is great for all skin types - sloughing off dead skin cells helps with reducing breakouts, evening skin tone, and anti-ageing. 

If you’ve got a friend or family member who is a skincare newbie, this is a great way to introduce them to some super effective, yet incredibly gentle skincare. 


The only thing mini about this bundle is the price - this is a full-body pamper for someone who deserves an upgrade to their self-care routine. The Almond Shower Oil moisturises and deep cleans skin at the same time, plus the scent is divine! Combined with the Almond Body Balm and Organic Shea Butter products this is a recipe for supple, soft skin all over from head to toe.

Bundles from $100 - $200


glass skin bundle image
Glass Skin Bundle | $120

Treat someone to the gift of glass skin - this bundle has a derma roller and a serum packed full of hyaluronic acid. Hands down, derma roller is one of the best ways to take your skincare routine to the next level this year - they’re amazing at improving skin texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines, as well as fading any marks left behind from acne. 

This super-powered combo of a derma roller and hyaluronic acid serum is a surefire recipe for plump, glowing skin!


luxe trio bundle image

If you want to give someone a little bit of luxury for their lashes, lips, and eyes, this might just be the right one for them. The GA-DE Velveteen eyeshadow palette comes with nine versatile shades - perfect for every occasion, while the lipstick and mascara are just the luxurious cherries on top. 


skin quencher bundle image

This is one so good that I don’t blame you for wanting to get one of these bundles for yourself. I kind of do! Not only does this have a super potent ampoule to revitalise skin after the holiday season, but it’s also got everything you need to keep your skin looking that way. 

The ampoule, moisturiser, eye gel and face mist are all packed with powerful humectants that attract water into the skin, hydrating any thirsty skin for a seriously dewy glow. I hope one of these is under the tree for me this year… 

luxe lips bundle image

Now that we don’t have to hide half of our faces behind masks anymore, lipsticks are still in our daily makeup bags - here’s a luxe lip trio that’s got you covered. The Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain is perfect for a bold, long-wearing lip. 

For a subtler (yet still long-lasting lip shade) the YSL Rouge Pop Water is a sheerer lip stain that still lasts all day long. For something that adds a little touch of moisture and gloss, the Dior Glow lip balm is perfect - it moisturises and adds a fresh glow to your lips. 

$200+ Bundles


Skin rescue bundle image

Think of this as an SOS kit that fast tracks the process to gorgeous skin. It’s got everything needed to take a skincare routine from blah to amazing - Elizabeth Arden’s famous retinol capsules are practically magic

Each sealed capsule ensures maximum freshness and effectiveness to fight off early signs of ageing. Paired with the super hydrating Lancome Rose Mist (it smells divine, too), a soothing L’Occitane mask and a nourishing cream moisturiser, skin will definitely look like it’s been rescued!

We’ve all woken up feeling a little worse for wear after a big night, especially over the holiday period - that’s where this Next Day Detox saves the day for your lucky recipient. Refresh with a gel cleanser for perfectly clean skin, and rejuvenate with a combination of scientifically proven LED light therapy and a derma roller. Seriously - after using both, you’ll look like you’re ready for round two!

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne

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