How to Use Oil Cleanser in Your Skincare Routine

If you’ve ever felt like your cleanser or makeup wipes isn’t getting all of your makeup off at night? It might be time to try an oil cleanser. This type of cleanser helps to dissolve away every single trace of makeup - yes, even waterproof mascara! But how do you know how to use oil cleanser in the first place? They sound oily - can all skin types use them?

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Oil cleanser benefits all skin types - and for different reasons. Here’s our guide to how to use an oil cleanser in your skincare routine for super clean, fresh-feeling skin.

What Is Oil Cleanser?

How to use oil cleanser

I know what you’re thinking - what is oil cleanser and how is it different from using coconut oil to remove makeup? 

An oil cleanser is a special cleanser that does have an oil base. It’s usually a blend of different oils to help break down makeup, soothe skin and lend other nourishing benefits. The key difference between an oil cleanser and coconut oil is the simple fact that an oil cleanser will emulsify and rinse away with water.

If you’ve ever tried the coconut oil makeup removal hack, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to get the coconut oil off of your skin - and no, removing it with makeup wipes or micellar water isn’t doing a good enough job!

When you use an oil cleanser, adding water is enough to get any lingering traces of the makeup and oil cleanser off your skin, for skin that’s perfectly clean and prepped for the rest of your skincare routine. 

How to Use Oil Cleanser: A Guide

When it comes to using an oil cleanser (or even a balm cleanser for that matter) getting the most out of them starts with using them the right way in the first place. 

When it comes to using an oil cleanser, unlike other cleansers, it’s important that you apply it with dry hands to a dry face. If you’re used to other types of cleansers, this is basically the opposite of what you’re supposed to do!

This gentle oil cleanser from REN effortlessly melts away all traces of makeup for luminous, clean skin.

You don’t want to add water and try to foam up your oil cleanser because you essentially render it useless! The magic of using an oil cleanser is in the power of natural oils to break down makeup, yes even the waterproof kind - and it can’t do this if it’s been mixed with water already!

How to use oil cleanser the right way starts with massaging the oil straight onto your face, gently focusing on any areas with long-wearing makeup, such as mascara and liquid lipstick. Gently massaging your lash line can coax mascara off of your lashes and condition them at the same time, too - just be sure to be gentle with this delicate area!

One of the original oil cleansers on the market, Dermalogica PreCleanse quickly and easily whisks away all traces of makeup.

Once you’ve broken down your makeup - if things look a little crazy right, now, that’s okay, it’s supposed to. At this point, you can now rinse away your oil cleanser for skin that shouldn’t have a single trace of makeup left. 

Ideally, an oil cleanser benefits skin the best as part of a double cleansing routine - that means you only use your oil cleanser at night and follow it up with your favourite normal cleanser to ensure every speck of makeup and grime from the day is gone. 

The perfect first step in any double-cleansing routine, this cleansing oil from SK-II removes makeup and nourishes your skin with the power of Pitera.

Oil Cleanser Benefits: Not Just Makeup Removal

There’s another good reason to use oil cleanser on skin, and it’s something that those with visible pores will appreciate - oil cleanser benefits skin by deeply cleansing it of any lingering oil, including sebum which can build up in pores and make them appear noticeable. Some people even find that when they use an oil cleanser, oil plugs pop out of their skin!

This is because oil plugs (including blackheads and other types of skin congestion) are partially made of sebum. Oil cleansers naturally help break down these blocked pores, sometimes resulting in oil plugs popping out as well as naturally smaller-looking pores.

Lightweight but not any less powerful, the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil dissolves makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh and cosmetic-free!

How to Use Oil Cleanser Properly: Key Takeaways

The benefits of an oil cleanser include perfectly cleansed skin and smaller-looking pores! Thanks to the oil cleanser’s power to break down makeup and dissolve away excess sebum, an oil cleanser can help leave your skin feeling fresh and clean every evening.

Now that you know the benefits of an oil cleanser, add one to your skincare routine and get your beauty affairs in order. 

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