Introduction to Blushes

Blushes are one of the best makeup product ever invented in the beauty industry. It helps to brighten up your look and make you look alive especially on days when your skin is dull and tired. Also, it helps to give you that healthy flushed look, blush can just change the way you look in just a few swipes. But, it can be tricky to apply blush on your face, for example how much product is too much? If we misapply blush or overdoing it, we might look like a clown or ageing.

How to Apply Blush?

First of all, you need to pick a colour with is the similar colour of your cheeks when you flushed. Pick the right shade of blush allows it to look natural and makes it look like you are blushing instead of the product. Mica Beauty's mineral blush powder offers six different shades that will suit all types of skin tones, go check them out in Mica Beauty Australia Official website. 

After choosing your choice of blush shade. Apply your base makeup all over your face, which includes face primer then foundation or BB cream of your choice. If you are not up to apply foundation with heavy consistency, then a light consistency such as Mica Beauty's mineral foundation powder or a tinted primer. It helps to even out skin tone and cover any redness or discolouration and create a smooth surface which allows the blush to last longer.

Next, use a medium-size brush and pick up the product from a powder blush. We choose Mica Beauty's powder blush is because it works well with all types of skin types comparing with cream or gel blushes. Tap the brush on the side of the container to remove any excess product. Facing the mirror and smile lightly, swipe with circular motion just like drawing clouds with the brush starting from the apples of your cheeks and up along your cheekbone towards the top of your ears. With this motion, there won’t be any harsh lines and look well-blended for a natural flushed look.

With another brush, apply a small amount of translucent powder above your cheekbones to highlight them and also soften the edges of the blush to have that natural glow finish. For some extra tips, keep those shimmer blush for evening or night events. If using shimmer blush during day time, the shimmer on your face will look fake and with the reflection of the light, your skin will appear bumpy and dry. Furthermore, as mentioned above, blush should not be obvious on the face, unlike lipsticks or eye shadows. They are applied to enhance your face looking healthier with a natural glow.

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