Juliette Has a Gun: Origin & Story

In the realm of perfumery, where delicate floral compositions often dominate, there exists a brand that disrupts conventions and challenges the olfactory status quo. Juliette Has A Gun, with its enigmatic name borrowed from Shakespeare's timeless tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, brings a rebellious spirit to the world of fragrances. Join us on a fragrant adventure as we delve into the brand's captivating background and brand story.

When Did Juliette Has A Gun Perfume Come Out?

At the heart of Juliette Has A Gun lies the creative genius of Romano Ricci, founder and perfumer extraordinaire. The Ricci family has luxury fashion roots - Romano Ricci is the grandson of Nina Ricci, the legendary French designer. He founded Juliette Has A Gun in 2005.

Inspired by a desire to challenge traditional perfume norms, Romano set out on a mission to create a brand that would resonate with free-spirited individuals seeking fragrances that embody their unique identities. With a rebellious twinkle in his eye, he launched Juliette Has A Gun, a brand that defies expectations and celebrates individuality.

Why Is The Brand Called Juliette Has A Gun?

I know what you’re thinking - who is Juliette, and why does she have a gun?

Romano Ricci has stated that “Juliette” refers to the titular character in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. The brand name embodies the idea that this romantic heroine from this iconic play has been transported to the 21st century with one of the ultimate weapons of seduction - perfume. 

Despite this name and brand ethos, fragrances from Juliette Has A Gun aren’t only for women - many of these expertly blended fragrances appeal to all, thanks to unique fragrance notes and combinations!

What Sets This Perfume House Apart From The Rest?

Juliette Has A Gun is more than just a brand; it is a manifesto of self-expression and empowerment. With a playful wink, the brand invites fragrance enthusiasts to explore their olfactory desires without fear of judgment. The philosophy is simple yet powerful: embrace your true self, be unapologetically authentic, and scent your world with confidence.

This audacious approach extends beyond the perfumes themselves; Juliette Has A Gun is committed to using only the finest ingredients and adopting sustainable practices, aligning the brand with those who value both quality and ethical choices.

The allure of Juliette Has A Gun has not gone unnoticed, as fragrance enthusiasts and connoisseurs have embraced the brand with open arms.

With its distinctive offerings and rebellious charm, Juliette Has A Gun has cultivated a loyal following of scent adventurers who crave the extraordinary. Its presence resonates across the globe, inspiring individuals to curate their olfactory narratives and make a statement with every spritz.

What Are The Best Juliette Has A Gun Perfumes?

It’s hard to pick just a few favourites from this luxury perfume brand, but we’ve rounded up some must-haves that we think will complement every fragrance collection. 

Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume

This is an iconic fragrance with just one single note - Cetalox. This is an incredibly unique fragrance molecule that smells just slightly different on everybody. Alone, Cetalox can be described as musky, animalistic, clean, and even a little bit sweet. 

What sets it apart is that it can be worn alone to create a lowkey fragrance, or layered with other perfumes to create unique scent combinations! This versatile and truly unisex perfume is one of the best ways to shake up your perfume collection. 

Juliette Has A Gun Not A PerfumeJuliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume Eau de Parfum
This unique fragrance can be worn alone as a subtle signature scent, or layered with other perfumes to create something otherworldly.

Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes

This unisex fragrance captures the mood of sultry summer nights by the sea. Juliette Has A Gun's Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that effortlessly captures the essence of the ocean and the sun's warmth. 

With a refreshing burst of Sea Salt, this fragrance awakens the senses and prepares you for the adventure. Delicate notes of Orchid and creamy Vanilla Absolute bloom at the heart, concocting a dreamy aroma that truly enthrals the senses.

The scent is perfected with the grounding base notes of Musk and Benzoin, which create a sense of softness and sensuality. This fragrance is versatile, combining beachy and gourmand notes, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion. 


Juliette Has A Perfume Vanilla Vibes
Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum
Indulge in a little bit of luxury with Vanilla Vibes, the perfect fragrance for those who love to bask in the sun and feel the sand between their toes.


Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengeance

This women’s perfume captures the essence of femininity - but not the damsel in distress kind. 

Lady Vengeance is a tribute to fierce and independent women. It's a fragrance that exudes elegance and grace, perfect for the modern woman who wants to leave an unforgettable impression.

The scent opens with Bergamot and Lavender, creating an aura of pure femininity. The heart notes are a blend of delicate Rose, while the base notes of White Musk, Ambroxan, and Vanilla give the fragrance a hint of seduction. Wearing Lady Vengeance will make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world with confidence.

The brand's attention to detail is apparent in its unique and captivating packaging, making it a perfect gift for the special women in your life. Juliette Has A Gun's fragrances are expertly crafted and are a must-have for anyone looking to indulge in luxury. With Lady Vengeance as your signature scent, you'll leave a lasting impression wherever you go, embracing your inner power every step of the way.



Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengeance
Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengeance Eau de Parfum
This elegant fragrance is perfect for the modern woman who wants to leave an unforgettable impression.


Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Set

One of the best ways to try multiple scents from this fragrance brand is with the discovery set! This seven-piece fragrance kit includes all the best sellers, including the recent release of Magnolia Bliss. A fragrance set is a great way to get an idea of each scent. Our favourite reason to pick up the discovery set is that it includes Not A Perfume, the iconic Cetalox-only scent that can be worn alone or layered with other perfumes in the discovery set.  


Juliette Has A Gun Discovery Set
Juliette Has A Gun Discovery Set
Discover Juliette Has a Gun with this sumptuous 7-piece discovery kit. Each kit contains seven 1.7ml samples of the brand's signature perfumes!


These are just some of the stunning perfumes from this luxury European perfume brand. Shop the full range here at Beauty Affairs!

Why We Love This Luxury Fragrance House

In the pursuit of olfactory excellence, Juliette Has A Gun has joined forces with esteemed perfumers and brands to create fragrance unlike any other. These collaborations have resulted in limited editions and unique creations that push the boundaries of perfumery - case in point, Not a Perfum.

From partnerships with renowned noses like Francis Kurkdjian to exclusive fragrance collaborations with fashion houses, Juliette Has A Gun has garnered recognition and accolades, solidifying its place as a trailblazer in the fragrance industry.

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