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I know what you’re thinking - is a microcurrent device a gimmick or is it the real deal? There’s no denying that beauty tools have come a long way in the last few years. There’s an at-home version of pretty much all of your favourite beauty treatments: derma rolling, LED light therapy, and now, you can get all the benefits of a microcurrent facial at home.

What is a Microcurrent Device?

So what is a microcurrent facial in the first place? Well, a microcurrent facial is one of the best treatments out there that you can get when it comes to anti-aging - and a device brings all of that goodness right into your home. A microcurrent device delivers super low electrical currents to your skin, instantly tightening its appearance for a youthful glow. Who wouldn’t want that?!

At the beauty therapist’s office, this comes in the form of two rods that she’ll massage over your skin, however, an at-home microcurrent device is much more user friendly. They (gently) conduct an electrical current through two metal orbs, both of which need to be in contact with your skin to work properly.

Foreo bear fuschia product image on white backgroundForeo BEAR™ Fuchsia | $395
This high-tech device from Foreo brings all the benefits of microcurrent facials to you at home!

What Does a Microcurrent Facial Do?

The reason microcurrent facials are so popular is that they’re almost like an instant (although temporary) facelift. The super-low electrical current is strong enough to reach your facial muscles, stimulating them and depending on the muscle, encouraging them to contract or release tension. 

Some facialists call this ‘muscle re-education’ - by stimulating the muscles to sit how they should - unhampered by excessive facial expressions or carrying tension - signs of ageing are softened, especially dynamic wrinkles. However, that’s just an instant benefit of a microcurrent facial!

Some of the long term benefits you’ll see from using a microcurrent device regularly are firmer skin, boosted collagen production, enhanced circulation in your skin, as well as helping your skincare products absorb into your skin better, making all of your favourites even more effective.

Foreo Micro-foam cleanser product image on white backgroundForeo Micro-Foam Cleanser | $55
This cleanser is perfect for sweeping away any oils from your face and prepping your skin for this cutting-edge treatment.

Do At-Home Microcurrent Facial Devices Work?

While professional-strength microcurrent devices are best left in the hands of trained professionals, there isn’t any reason why the at-home versions won’t have the same benefits! Yes, they’re not as potent as the ones at the beauty therapist’s, but that’s for the benefit of you and your skin.

High-quality microcurrent devices like the Foreo Bear make getting all the benefits of a microcurrent facial at home super easy - while it’ll take longer to see the results compared to professional treatments, Foreo devices have the same effect over longer periods of time - and think about how much money you’ll have for other beauty treatments by saving on microcurrent facials!

foreo serum serum serum product image on white backgroundForeo Serum Serum Serum | $89
This serum from Foreo is perfectly formulated to be used with the Foreo Bear, optimising the microcurrents for best anti-aging results.  

How to use a Microcurrent Device At Home

The most important thing when it comes to using a microcurrent device at home is using it on clean skin - that is, clean except for a conducive serum or gel on your skin. This is crucial because the natural oils on your skin, or even the oils left from moisturiser can work as a barrier and prevent your microcurrent device from being as effective as it should be!

Using a humectant serum (especially something like Foreo’s Serum Serum Serum, which is specially formulated to be used with Foreo devices) is ideal for use with your microcurrent device - they are ideal for conducting the microcurrent to where it needs to go.

Many at-home devices, including the Foreo Bear, come with an app that has pre-installed settings to make adding microcurrent devices to your skincare routine super easy. The next thing to consider? How often you should be using your micro current devices. 

According to Foreo’s Education Specialist, Chris Luckham, those starting fresh with their at-home microcurrent devices should start with an intensive course of daily three to six-minute treatments for the first two weeks. After that, using your device three times a week is enough to boost your skin - and that’s alongside all your other skincare favourites, too!

If you’re still stuck on on creating a skincare routine in the first place, try our skincare quiz!

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