Rosy Glow Makeup Look

Having a natural rosy glow makeup look is an ideal look especially in the Korean makeup trends. This makeup look can make your skin appear more rosy and healthy looking, also making you look more youthful and radiant.

Here's is How You Can Achieve a Nice Youthful, Rosy Glowing Skin?

These are the products where you can achieve this natural rosy glow makeup look. Use tinted moisturiser or BB cream as your base makeup instead of foundation, because we are aiming towards a natural glow look.

Mica Beauty Cosmetic’s BB Cream is one of our beauty experts’ top picks. This BB Cream is a 5 in 1 multi-function cream that gives your skin everything it needs as the base makeup. It hydrates, firms and protects the skin and creates a glowing flawless finish. In addition, the BB Cream is made with a formula by adjusting into a shade that complements you skin tone perfectly.

For brows, just fill them in with your preference of pencil, gel or powder, making them look natural and easy to look at. Control yourself with the contouring with just a few swipes of the bronzer on your jawline and also on the hollows of your cheeks.

Here’s the secret product to achieve this rosy glow makeup look. Use a blush, and here with our beauty experts recommendation, the mineral blush powder works the best especially for pulling off this look! The mineral blush powder offers a beautiful hint of colour to wear on the cheeks and temples for a healthy glow. Also, it is also safe to use on your eyes and lips.

Wear a nice nude pink shade for the lips to complete this rosy glow makeup look. Use an intense colour-rich formula matte liquid lipstick or a tinted lip balm is suggested by our beauty experts. It is a matte finish and feels lightweight on the lips, also has smear resistant coverage that stays up for hours.

This look is easy to achieve and is perfect for beginners in makeup.

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Alexis Adrienne

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