The Skinny on Skincare Mini Fridges: Do You Need One And What are The Benefits?

If you’ve been keeping up with current trends, you may have noticed that some of your favourite beauty influencers have been adding an extra step to their routines, in the form of storing their cosmetics in a refrigerator.

Once considered a staple for dormitories or hotel rooms, compact coolers have been repurposed in recent years to store more than just snacks. In their latest iteration, cute and colourful “skincare mini fridges” have been appearing all over Instagram, begging the question: should we be keeping our skincare products cold?

Try Before You Buy

The answer? In the simplest terms, experts say there’s no real pressing need to be concerned about storing your skincare at ice box temperatures. For the most part, cosmetic chemists put a lot of work into developing formulas that are shelf stable at room temperature and they’ll be plenty effective this way.

However, if you’re still tempted to try this trend anyway, we say go for it! Although chilling your beauty products may not be completely necessary, it can be quite nice for a handful of reasons. Here are a few points to consider!

Clarins Multi-Active Eye CreamClarins Multi-Active Eye Cream
Fade dark circles and smooth puffy eyes with this eye cream from Clarins. Cooled in the fridge before use, this eye cream soothes and tightens tired undereye skin.

A Few Perks of Keeping your Products on Ice

While keeping skincare refrigerated isn’t a must-do, there are still a few benefits that you might notice when keeping certain skincare products in the fridge!

Perfect for massaging a puffy face and eyes, keeping this gua sha in the fridge for a few minutes before use is a welcome relief on skin!

Perk #1: Refreshing Relief 
Although refrigeration won’t ultimately change the outcome of your results from a formula, what it can do is provide an added boost of cold therapy, which does have proven benefits for the skin. 

Just as icing an injury helps calm inflammation, applying cold cream topically can do this on a smaller scale. For example, you can try this with an aloe gel or face mask to instantly reduce redness and irritation in the skin. This is especially helpful in the summer months and if your skin is prone to feeling red and hot.

Kiehl's Calendula and Aloe Soothing MaskKiehl's Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask
This calming gel mask’s soothing abilities get a real boost when chilled before using!

Perk #2: Cool Tools
Besides just your skincare products, you can also utilise a mini fridge to store tools like a jade roller or gua sha stone to reap even more benefits from your facial massage.

While these types of beauty tools do a lot on their own to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate the skin, the addition of cold therapy will help to further reduce puffiness in areas like the cheeks or undereye zone.

Soothe and calm irritated skin much more efficiently with a cold beauty tool - the gentle massage motions stimulate circulation, while the cool surface calms and depuffs.

Perk #3: Experiential Enhancement 
All things considered, it’s also worth noting that sometimes applying your essentials cold just feels extra heavenly.

On hot days in particular, treating yourself to a spritz of chilled toner or a sheet mask straight from the mini fridge can do a lot to uplevel your everyday beauty rituals, making them feel more replenishing or even luxurious. 

One of the best ways to instantly reduce redness is with a cooling sheet mask - just pop a single sheet mask like one of these FOREO masks in the fridge for a few moments before using!

Final verdict? 

If you feel inspired to invest in a skincare mini fridge, there’s no real reason not to - especially if it makes your skincare routine that much more fun to do on the daily. Understanding that the more you enjoy your self care, the more likely you are to develop consistent habits, it might in fact just be perfectly practical.

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