Skinimalism: Latest Beauty Trend Explained

In today's fast-paced beauty industry, skincare routines can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are SO many products that are all amazing - yet how are you supposed to fit them into your skincare routine?

A growing trend in skincare is shifting towards minimalist skincare: a simplified approach that focuses on essential yet effective steps & products to reach your beauty goals. In this blog post, we will delve into exactly what skinimalism means for your beauty routine and if it’s something that you should try. 

What is Skin Minimalism?

I know what you’re thinking - isn’t it basically using fewer skin care products? Well, yes, but it’s also about choosing to spend your hard-earned cash on products that are going to deliver real results.

Skinimalism is a skincare philosophy that encourages using fewer products and simplifying the skincare routine. It involves streamlining your skincare regimen to essential steps and prioritising skin health above all!

Benefits of Skin Minimalism

Embracing skin minimalism can benefit your skin in more than just one way. The benefits of this trending skincare approach include reduced risk of irritation, improved skin barrier function, and is also way better for the environment!

Reduced Risk Of Skin Irritation
By using fewer products, the chances of ingredient overload and skin sensitisation are minimised. This can appear as stubborn redness, flaking, and stinging when using skincare products. 

If this sounds like you, it could be a sign that you should lay off some of your products to see if that improves your situation. A minimalist skincare routine can be especially beneficial for reactive and sensitive skin, as it reduces the risk of skin irritation and adverse reactions.

Reduces Skincare Overwhelm
Have you ever looked at all your skincare and thought, how on earth am I going to apply ALL of this?!

I know I have, and unfortunately, it’s left me feeling stressed and confused about my skincare routine - the exact opposite of how I should be feeling. When I’ve taken the skinimalism approach to my routine, I’m way less overwhelmed and much happier with my routine as a self-care ritual. 

Healthy Skin Barrier
The skin barrier is a critical but often ignored part of the skin. Also known as the acid mantle, it can easily be thrown out of whack when the wrong skincare products for your skin are used. 

Skin minimalism allows the skin to naturally restore and maintain its balance. By avoiding excessive use of actives, your skin's natural barrier function is more likely to stay healthy -  leading to healthier, hydrated, and more resilient skin. 

It’s Good For The Environment
Skinimalism takes another win in our books because it promotes conscious consumption, therefore reducing product waste. Using fewer products and avoiding unnecessary duplication can contribute to a more environmentally sustainable skincare routine!

How to Create a Skinimalism Routine

So, how do you start creating a minimalist skin care routine? 

Start with the basics: cleansing, moisturising, and sun protection are the backbone of any beauty routine. Sun protection isn’t just for vanity purposes, by the way! While it’s true that 90% of visible signs of ageing are caused by the sun, too much sun exposure is linked with skin cancers - that’s why sunscreen is a critical step, even in skinimalism. 

Then, consider what your primary concern is with your skin. For example, if you don’t have issues with pigmentation, then a brightening serum isn’t necessary in your beauty routine. Listening to your skin is key so that you know what needs to be added or taken out.

To keep things truly minimal, I suggest choosing one treatment step that fits in your nighttime routine. If your priority is anti-ageing, I would suggest a retinol serum.

If your skin concern is pigmentation and uneven tone, I would suggest Vitamin C for the morning. Another way to streamline your skincare routine is to pick versatile, multitasking products. For example, a night cream enriched with peptides moisturises skin AND fights the signs of ageing. 

Here’s how a minimalist skincare routine would look:


  1. Cleanser
  2. Moisturiser with SPF


  1. Cleanser
  2. Treatment
  3. Moisturiser

Best Minimalist Skincare Products

Starting with the first essential step in any minimalist skincare routine - cleanser. Opt for a creamy cleanser that’s gentle enough for the morning, but also removes makeup at the end of the day. 

Our pick is the INIKA Organic Phytofuse Renew™ Cream Cleanser ($59). This cream cleanser is ideal for a minimalist beauty routine thanks to it’s creamy formula that keeps your moisture barrier intact, yet effectively sweeps away impurities and makeup.

Inika Organic Phytofuse Renew Cream Cleanser

Another great cleanser option is the Juvena Calming Cleansing Milk ($32). This milky cleanser also has the power to remove makeup at the end of the day, but also cleanses and preps skin as part of your morning skincare routine.

Next, one of the best minimalist skincare tips is to use a moisturising sunscreen for the daytime. The Dermalogica PowerBright Moisturizer SPF50 ($119)  is a multi-tasking skincare product that not only moisturises skin and protects with SPF. It also fades dark spots, combining three essential needs in just one step!

Another moisturiser with SPF and effective active ingredients is Dr Irena Eris Authority Instant Luminous Lifting Day Cream SPF20 ($351). It’s formulated with Ceramides and Peptides, deeply moisturising skin and providing anti-ageing benefits. 

Next, a versatile treatment step is a must-have. Dior One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum ($168) is a potent, effective serum that’s perfect for a minimalist beauty routine. It not only hydrates skin, but also supports a healthy moisture barrier and helps to strengthen skin against the signs of ageing in a single step.

Finally, a moisturiser for nighttime use helps to lock in the benefits of your chosen treatment step. Dermalogica Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream ($199) is a multi-tasking night cream that also targets the premature signs of ageing, while maintaining your skin’s moisture barrier and warding off dryness.

Another moisturiser that combines collagen production and long-lasting hydration is the Murad Essential-C Overnight Barrier Repair Cream ($110). It’s formulated with Vitamin C to encourage your skin’s collagen levels, while the nurturing formula locks in moisture overnight.

Skin minimalism is a beauty trend that is incredibly effective when done right with the right skincare products! These picks will help you get your beauty affairs in order and on the way to your skin goals!
Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne is a passionate beauty writer with over 10 years of experience. She’s incredibly keen on all things skincare, makeup and cosmetics, with a fingertip on the pulse of the latest global beauty trends at all times.

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