The Luxury Difference: Guerlain Orchidée Impériale

We’ve already covered what makes Guerlain’s Abeille Royale a standout in luxury skincare - but that’s not the only skincare line from Guerlain that uses exclusive, amazingly high-quality ingredients! The other famous ingredient that adds the luxury touch to Guerlain is orchid extract - not from any old orchid! Here’s how Guerlain creates The Luxury Difference with Orchidée Impériale.

guerlain orchidee imperiale essence-in-lotion product image on white backgroundGuerlain Orchidée Impériale Essence-in-Lotion | $187
This lightweight essence preps your skin with the power of rejuvenating orchid molecules for a flawless, radiant glow.

Orchids: The Imperial Difference

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I know what you’re thinking - why orchids? Whilst researching for powerful botanical extracts to formulate with, scientists at Guerlain found out about select species of orchid that were noted to have lived for over a hundred years. For plants as delicate as orchids, this is a big deal - so what was the secret to their longevity?

To find out, the researchers at Guerlain created their own orchidarium in Switzerland to replicate the growing conditions of these blooms, which originally grew in lush rainforest environments in China.

Their technique? They replicated the original environment as much as possible and just let the orchids grow wild - ensuring that they’d still contain many of the same vital phytonutrients that they’d have if they grew in their natural environment. 

It took researchers 15 years of collecting samples and waiting, but four exceptional orchid species were selected for their unique orchid regenerative molecules and are now found in the Orchidée Impériale line. 

Guerlain orchidee imperiale eye cream product image on white backgroundGuerlain Orchidée Impériale Eye Cream | $286
This eye cream from Guerlain harnesses the power of orchid extracts for bright, youthful under-eyes.

Gastrodia elata & Phalaenopsis amabilis have incredibly powerful cell-regenerating and antioxidant powers, shielding skin from external stressors which accelerate any signs of ageing. Supporting your skin’s natural cell regeneration helps to maintain healthy, radiant skin - so it’s no wonder they included these rare species. 

A third species from Peru, the Cycnoches cooperi orchid also has a unique ability to defend from environmental stressors such as UV exposure and pollution for youthful, glowing skin.

Dendrobium nobile, the final species selected by the Guerlain researchers, was observed to be particularly effective at adding radiance to skin and banishing dullness - especially when formulated with skin-nourishing peptides!

Taking these extracts, Guerlain scientists created the Orchidée Impériale skincare line - formulated to firm skin, brighten hyperpigmentation, and add a super-powered youthful glow to skin!

Guerlain orchidee imperiale oil product image on white backgroundGuerlain Orchidée Impériale Oil | $450
Combined with the power of over 20 rare oils, this facial oil nourishes and protects skin from environmental stress.

Guerlain & Sustainability

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Now that the researchers had isolated the skin-nurturing molecules hidden within the orchids, the next step was to ensure that there would always be orchids - even if Guerlain wasn’t using them as the source of their skincare. 

The importance of acquiring these potent raw materials completely sustainably with minimal damage to the environment is at the heart of all Guerlain skincare - so just like with Abeille Royale, Guerlain has a direct hand in supporting orchid horticulture, preserving these flowers for generations to come. 

guerlain orchidee imperiale cleanser product image on white backgroundGuerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cleansing Foam | $154
Gently cleanse skin with this luxurious, foaming cleanser.

For over ten years, Guerlain has supported reforestation in China’s Yunnan province. This luxury brand has committed to planting orchids every year in the Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, and to this date have planted over 10,000 orchid plants, ensuring their natural beauty never fades from the regions they’re endemic to. 

Now that you know how Guerlain sustainably creates the luxury difference, will you be trying any of their amazing skincare?

guerlain orchidee imperiale rich cream product image on white backgroundGuerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream | $610
Lock in hydration for smoother, firmer skin with the power of orchid longevity molecules.

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