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In the skincare world, Sisley’s knowledge of natural botanicals is unparalleled - and that’s what sets them apart from other brands. Did you know that Sisley was one of the first brands to ever use plant extracts in their products? 

They came up with the moniker phyto-cosmetics (the prefix phyto means plant in Ancient Greek), referring to the use of plant-based ingredients in cosmetics & skincare. While this is something that you’ll find in many skincare brands today from pharmacy to luxury, Sisley has the title of breaking ground and creating a luxury difference with the exclusive botanicals they use in their formulas.

 Sisley Supremya Yeux Eye Cream product image on white background
Sisley Supremÿa Yeux | $365
A powerful eye serum rich in botanicals to sweep away undereye fine lines. 

Sisley's Exclusive Botanical Ingredients

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If you’ve been following this series, then you’ll know that a huge part of what elevates luxury skincare heads and shoulders above the rest are the ingredients. The truth is, just because we see the same ingredient labelled on two different skin care products doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to act the same way on your skin - and Sisley makes a great example of this with Centella Asiatica.

 Overall, Centella is a fantastic skincare ingredient - it’s rich in unique antioxidant compounds that soothe inflamed skin and boost hydration. These abilities were recognised by the scientists at Sisley, and Centella quickly became an ingredient that featured in many of their skincare formulas - you could say that Sisley was the first to use this now incredibly popular skincare ingredient.

Sisley’s research on Centella Asiatica has allowed them to understand exactly how this plant works - according to their scientists, it’s best to use wild grown Centella to ensure that it has the highest levels of skin-beneficial ingredients. They’ve identified that Centella grown in the mountaintops of Madagascar, harvested once a year yields the best results when it comes to skincare.

 Sisley All Day All Year product image on white background
Sisley All Day All Year | $495
A lightweight serum-moisturiser-SPF blend that protects and nourishes skin all year long.

When you use a Sisley product formulated with Centella, you know that it’s going to be much more potent and effective on your skin than the ordinary kind - all the more reason to shop luxury. 

When it comes to skincare ingredients, this is only one example of the exclusively chosen and processed ingredients that create the luxury difference - every luxury brand has their own carefully curated stable of high-quality, exclusive skincare ingredients to uplift their skincare to the next level. 

Sisley Express flower gel mask product image on white background
Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask | $170
A fast-acting gel mask that hydrates and soothes skin for an unbeatable glow.

Unique Extraction Method & Formulation Expertise 

However, something that’s just as important as exclusive ingredients is knowing what to do with them. Knowing the incredible potential of each and every single botanical skincare ingredient, Sisley researchers have developed their own extraction and processing methods for their prized skincare ingredients. 

The crucial part of this is being able to get all the goodness out of these botanical ingredients, ensuring that they stay intact once added to skincare - and that doesn’t come cheaply. Some extraction methods are incredibly time-consuming, requiring multiple steps before a pure, concentrated final extract can be formulated into an effective, luxurious end product. 

With over forty years of experience creating effective, plant-based skincare formulas, the scientists at Sisley know how to make exceptional skin care - starting with the three parameters of concentration, dosage and complementarity. 

When it comes to natural skincare ingredients like essential oils and Centella Asiatica extract, each is measured for not just potency, but optimal concentrations in skin that are going to achieve results. 

Sisley collagen and nightmallow cream product image on white background
Sisley Night Cream with Collagen & Woodmallow | $255
This nourishing moisturiser is perfect for all skin types, hydrating skin and soothing away the day’s stress. 

A Sensorial Experience

However, above all, Sisley excels at creating a luxury experience every time you use one of their products. Yes, it’s important that each formula is created with the perfect balance and potency - however, the cherry on top is creating skin care that’s a pleasure to use. Every single formula from Sisley is created to ensure that you, at home, get to have a luxurious moment for yourself with Sisley Skincare. 

Skincare feels silky smooth and scents are carefully chosen to create the ultimate beauty ritual right in your own bathroom from Paris, France - is that something your pharmacy skincare can do? I didn’t think so.

Now that you know what gives Sisley The Luxury Difference, will you be trying any of their potent, botanically infused skincare? 

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Products Mentioned:

  • Sisley Supremÿa Yeux | $365
  • Sisley All Day All Year | $495
  • Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask | $170
  • Sisley Night Cream with Collagen & Woodmallow | $255
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