Tutorial: Master The "No Make Up" Make Up Look

Post ISO-back-to-work calls for low-key natural looking and effortless makeup. Remember ladies, less is always more 😌Get ready to master the #wokeuplikethis 'No Make-Up' make up look and walk out of ISO and into the office looking like Miranda Kerr.


It doesn't matter how expensive your makeup is, none of it will do any good without a clean canvas to work with. This is why a good skincare routine is vital! Don't have a solid skincare routine? Not to worry, we got you - Get a step-by-step skincare routine personalised just for your skin type here

Now - after you've prepped your face, let's move onto cosmetics!

Step 1: Forget Foundation. Say Hello to a tinted moisturiser.

When it comes to a natural complexion, less is really more. Opt for a tinted moisturiser so that it gives you a bit of coverage while still letting your real skin/freckles peek through. 

We recommend:

Declare CC cream SPF+ - $55

Step 2: Smart Spot Conceal
Grab your favourite creamy concealer and spot conceal any blemishes or redness. The secret is to use your finger to blend it in, especially when it comes to covering the dark circles under the eyes. 

Step 3: Choose a Cream Eyeshadow 
To get that 'beauty sleep' or 'I've had more than 6 hrs sleep' look, start with a cream eyeshadow in a shade thats close to your skin tone. Opt for a shadow with some sheen or shimmer to brighten the eyes.
Start near your lash line and blend over the lid, fading as it gets closer to your brows.

We recommend:

Step 4: Shimmer = Natural Glow
Want to create the illusion of instantly bigger eyes? (or at least, less sleepy). Grab a highlighter and apply at the inner corners of your eyes.
While you're at it, apply on your brow bone and also on the highest point of your cheek bones. This instantly gives a natural glow to the face!

We recommend:

Step 5: Groom your Lashes and Brows
A staple makeup weapon to have in your arsenal is an eyelash curler. Give your lashes a few pumps with your curler then apply a coat of mascara to your top lashes only. 

We recommend:

Pro Tip: Does your lashes un-curl throughout the day? Use a hair dryer to heat up the curler for a few seconds before curling the lashes. This will keep them perky and curled for the entire day.

Grab a spoolie and brush your brows up and away from your face. Opt for a clear or tinted brow gel to set your brows in place all day. 
We recommend:

Step 6: Blush is life
Apply a cream blush over your cheeks lightly to get that natural looking glow. You can use a blush brush or even just with your fingers!
Pro Tip: Opt for cream > powder for a more natural look

We recommend:

Step 7: Top with a Lip Tint
The last and final step to completing your au naturel look is to apply a mauve or tangerine shade of balm to your lips!

We recommend:   
Inika Organic Lip Tint - $29

Viola! There you have it. Make sure to snap and tag us at @beautyaffairs.official with your "No Make Up" Make Up Look. We'd love to see!
Until next time

Need some help putting together the best skincare routine for your skin type? Try our skin quiz!

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