Noice Kath & Kim Guide for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, the most exciting Sunday for a mum every year where they can expect heartfelt cards, presents, an outing or two, plus breakfast in bed. Well, most years when social distancing measures aren’t in place! 

Whether you’re a mum to children, adult kids or fur-babies we thought best to channel our Mother’s Day Muse - Kath Day-Knight - to show you how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year that’s ‘noice, different and unusual’

Morning Ritual

There’s nothing better than starting the day with a Sunday Sleep-in and then some light exercise inside to fire up those endorphins. 

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If your don’t have any equipment at home or you’re feeling up for a back-to-back workout, stretch those legs and take a noice stroll around the block with your partner in crime (keeping a safe 1.5m distance at all times from strangers)

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After you’ve worked up a sweat, let’s empower ourselves with a few mantras. Feel free to scream them from the top of your lungs and let the neighbours know how empowered you are to be a woman and a mum. You’ve got nothing to hide!

Hear me roar


And finally, once you’ve put your face on and got your Beauty Affairs in order it’s time to get cracking onto the important stuff for the day.  

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Afternoon Delights

It’s been devastating not being able to hug our adult children, to the point some of us have become a bit erratic by embracing technology, increasing the volume of facetime calls, house party chats. Some have taken it further with sending calendar invite requests to their kids to scheduled zoom meetings. We know this personally.

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While social distancing measures of COVID-19 are still in place, some states have enacted ‘cautious relaxation’ of social distancing measures. As of last Friday up to two adults, and their children, will be able to visit anyone else in New South Wales.

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Depending on how much you’ve missed each other you might find it a bit close for comfort having guests in your house again. 

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Hopefully, they bring some good news or at least a treats other than themselves.

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Night Time Shenanigans

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to entertain guests don’t be afraid to bring out the classics, turn on the Spotify account and have a dance-off. It’s the best way to work off that whipped cream.

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And finally when it's all said and done for the day entertaining everyone else on your day, end the evening with smooch from your loving partner who’s really been the one behind all the planning for a lovely day with the kids.

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