Lonvitalite Ice Roller Advanced Replaceable Head

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Designed as a replacement or interchangeable head for the Lonvitalite Derma Roller Advance with Interchangeable Head. Soothes redness and sunburn, aids in lymphatic drainage to reduce fluid build-up, and most importantly assist with migraines and tension headaches when used on the forehead and temples.

Instantly reduces puffiness as well as cooling and soothing inflamed skin.

Ice Rollers are particularly great during summer time to roll over your face during periods of intense heat to reduce the risk of a heat flareup. You can either use it directly on areas of puffiness (under the eyes is a common culprit) or all over for a refresher. It is a good idea to your Lonvitalite Ice Roller Advanced Replaceable Head in the fridge, as this will keep it as cool as possible. If you need it to cool it quickly, you may place it in the freezer but it's not advisable to store it there for more than a few hours.

Key Benefits

  • The cooling and calming texture of the Ice Roller can help to reduce puffiness, either in the morning, or when getting ready for an event.
  • In the case of inflamed or irritated skin, it can reduce both redness and inflammation to provide a more even canvas for a skincare or makeup routine. 
  • It can also improve the appearance of pores. 
  • Makes the skin appear less mottled and more even in tone. 
  • Smoothing the overall appearance of the skin.
  1. Roll over face as often as desired, either on a bare face or after applying calming serums.

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