5 Best Concealers to Try in 2023

Now that we’ve got foundation sorted out, it’s onto the next step: concealer.

Foundations and concealers are the perfect pair for creating a flawless base. Applied over (or under your foundation), a concealer covers dark circles, acne scars, and other visible imperfections.

Whether you choose a hydrating liquid concealer, mattifying cream concealer - or something in between - depends on your skin type and where you’re concealing. For example, if covering dark circles is your concern, a thick waxy texture will enhance fine lines - even if it covers up the dark circles. 

Here’s how to choose the best concealer for under eyes and more.

What’s the Best Concealer for Me?

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Choosing foundations and concealers is pretty similar - there are a few things to keep in mind that will affect your choice.

Find Your Perfect Concealer Shade Match

Firstly, you’ll want one that is a perfect match for your skin tone! If you want to highlight and contour your skin, shop for shades that are slightly lighter and darker - however, these shades shouldn’t be used to conceal blemishes or dark spots. 

Most luxury makeup brands simply give concealers and foundations the same name or number to make things easy. However, for the most accurate matching, we suggest a small swatch along your jawline. This is way more accurate than using the back of your hand, which can often be much darker or lighter than your face!

What’s Your Preferred Coverage?

I know what you’re thinking - shouldn’t all concealer be full-coverage? 

Not necessarily. 

Some prefer a sheerer coverage product to subtly blur away texture instead of a formula that blankets skin with full cover. A sheerer product also tends to have more nurturing ingredients, making it ideal for dry areas of thinner skin. For example, an under eye concealer will hydrate skin and lend coverage simultaneously.

A buildable to full-coverage concealer is ideal for covering dark spots, acne, and other types of pigmentation for flawless skin.

Matte, Satin, or Radiant Finish?

Ideally, foundations and concealers being used together should have the same finish. A radiant finish concealer applied to matte skin might draw attention to skin blemishes instead of hiding them!

For greater longevity - especially on oily and combination skin - matte is one of the best finishes. Satin finish concealer has a skin-like look, perfect for minimal makeup days.

A radiant finish concealer adds a dewy glow and is best used on normal to dry skin types.

How to Apply Concealer

You’ve got three main options: concealer brush, makeup sponge, or your hands.

A concealer brush is the best for providing full coverage. Some are designed with a small, precise tip that is perfect for a technique called ‘spot concealing’. 

This technique is used by makeup artists to apply high-coverage concealer on areas that need it for a super-flawless look without completely covering the natural dimension of your skin.

Using a makeup sponge is one of the simplest ways to easily blend under eye concealer. They’re ideal for dispersing the pigment in an even layer, effectively covering up dark under eye shadows. A makeup sponge can also conceal larger areas of the face, but this application technique doesn’t lend full coverage.

The last technique - using your hands - is surprisingly popular with makeup artists for getting a naturally radiant, blended look. The warmth from your fingers and your face helps the concealer melt into your skin, creating a flawless yet full-coverage finish. 

Top Concealer Picks in 2023

Shop the best concealer in Australia with our top choices from Beauty Affairs. We’ve rounded up our best choices in all formulas, from stick concealer to liquid. 

Best Under Eye Concealer

We think that the best choice for brightening dark under eyes is this lightweight, hydrating Dior concealer. Dior Forever Skin Correct is formulated with antioxidants to target and lighten dark circles for a naturally radiant look. 

Simply swipe on to target areas before blending into skin for a refined finish. Top beauty tip: let any concealer warm up on the skin before attempting to blend it in. This ensures a seamless veil of coverage, and prevents concealer from settling into creases.

Dior Forever Skin Correct is infused with skin-nurturing antioxidants to protect and treat skin for a natural luminosity - even when you’re not wearing it. This liquid concealer is ideal for all skin types.

Best Concealer for Pigmentation

Covering dark pigmentation such as post-acne marks or melasma requires heavy-duty, full coverage. Cream concealers are our go-to for completely covering any dark spots and imperfections - and this one from INIKA Organic is no exception.

This full-coverage concealer is dermatologist approved, making it ideal for even the most sensitive and redness-prone skin. Blend it into skin with fingers or a concealer brush for long-lasting, complete coverage!

The INIKA Organic Full Coverage Concealer features hydrating, smoothing botanicals loaded with enriching Vitamin E. Antioxidant-rich Sunflower Seed Oil combines with highly emollient Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter to combat skin issues and help retain moisture for long-lasting hydration.

Best for Concealing Texture

This blurring concealer from Aussie brand Vani-T is ideal for hiding texture and hiding blemishes on skin. The versatile liquid concealer formula effortlessly blends unto under eyes to hide dark circles. It’s also perfect for contouring and highlighting, thanks to the wide range of shades that suit all skin tones.

The Vani-T Instant Blur HD Concealer has an adaptive formula that sits like a second skin once blended in for a flawless, finished makeup look. 

Instant Blur HD Concealer imparts airbrushed coverage that lasts all day without creasing or settling into fine lines or pores. This creamy, sweat-resistant formula will work its magic to instantly erase the appearance of dark circles, blemishes and redness. 

Best Sheer Concealer

For those who want just a sheer amount of skin-perfecting coverage, this natural concealer from INIKA is what we would suggest. INIKA Organic Sheer Coverage Concealer lightly covers redness and blemishes, while still letting your skin’s natural radiance shine through.

Housed in a sustainable sugarcane derived recyclable bio-resin tube, the INIKA Organic Sheer Coverage Concealer evens out skin tone and brightens the complexion with pure, light-reflecting minerals, hiding signs of ageing and tiredness.

This natural and organic liquid concealer will say goodbye to blemishes, dark circles, redness, and pigmentation. INIKA Organic Sheer Coverage Concealer’s formula disguises imperfections without creasing or caking while nourishing skin with botanical extracts.

Best Concealer for Mature Skin

This creamy yet weightless concealer from La Mer is infused with the luxury brand’s bespoke anti-ageing ingredient: Miracle Broth. This carefully crafted makeup product is perfect for gently swiping onto skin and blending with a finger for flawless, youthful coverage. 

The anti-ageing benefits of La Mer The Concealer help to keep skin looking radiant and youthful - even when you’re not wearing makeup!

Lend your skin full, blendable coverage in a formula fortified with the best in anti-ageing skincare from La Mer. 

Best Concealers in Australia: The Bottom Line

Shopping for the right concealer for your skin is incredibly easy once you know what you’re looking for. We hope these beauty tips for how to choose and how to apply concealer have helped you get your beauty affairs in order!

Products Mentioned:

  • Dior Forever Skin Correct
  • INIKA Full Coverage Concealer
  • VANI-T Instant Blur HD Concealer
  • INIKA Organic Sheer Coverage Concealer
  • La Mer The Concealer
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