Mineral Powder, Pressed or Liquid Foundation? Choose the Right Foundation

Do you always wonder which type of foundation best suits your skin type? Ever wonder why you will never achieve that certain look even though you are using the same type of foundation with your friend? Maybe that certain foundation does not suit your skin type. That is the reason why there’s a variety of foundations such as powder, pressed powder or liquid foundation etc. in the market to suit your needs.

Mineral Powder, Pressed or Liquid Foundation?

Mineral Powder Foundations are created for people who have sensitive and acne-prone skin type, such as Mica Beauty’s Mineral Powder Foundation. Because it contains minerals which are natural ingredients and the foundation is usually chemical-free, it does not irritate the skin and it is perfect for women with sensitive skin type. People who have normal to oily skin are suitable to use the mineral powder foundation, this foundation helps to reduce shine and it feels lightweight on the skin. This foundation has a sheer coverage and contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun with a matte finish. Use a kabuki brush to apply the product on the face. Women with dry skin is best to stay away from powder, as the powder can emphasise on your wrinkles and fine lines.

Pressed Powder Foundations also known as compact foundations. It comes in a compact packaging and usually it comes with a sponge for application. Pressed powder foundation generally has sheer to no coverage, it only helps to set and hold the foundation for a long-lasting effect. For Mica Beauty’s Pressed Mineral Foundation, it contains mineral and a medium coverage to minimise the pores and fine lines with a matte finish, a great product for touch-ups in the middle of the day. Applying Pressed Mineral Foundation feels light on the skin too, perfect for combination or normal to oily skin type. Also, it is perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin type because of its natural mineral ingredients in the product. If you have mature skin or dry skin, it is best to not choose a powder form of foundation for your skin.

Liquid Foundation typically comes in two types: Matte-Finish Liquid Foundation and a Moisturising Liquid Foundation. For the matte-finish liquid foundation which best suits for normal to oily or combination skin type because of its matte finish. This foundation is easy to blend and have a buildable coverage. Women with dry skin who wants a matte finish can use this product by applying a layer of moisturiser before applying the foundation. It is to make sure that the skin does not dry out and becomes flaky. For Moisturising Liquid Foundation or BB Cream comes in a light to medium coverage with a satin-finish. Best suit for women with dry skin type, they will be able to achieve a dewy glowy look.

Now you that know the basic types of foundation and which type of foundation best suits your skin type. Head over to Mica Beauty’s Australia Official Website now for all these products.

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