5 people you need to follow to keep entertained at home


After a few days of self-isolation, you may be wondering what to do to keep yourself entertained at home. You've already finished all of your favorite TV shows (especially Money Heist), read all of your books, and cleaned the house from top to bottom. 

Before you get desperate and start going to the supermarket just to get some time out of the house, here are a few incredible influencers in Australia who can help you become a beauty diva, makeover your home and add a few laughs to your day. 



I have to warn you, you're going to want to buy her whole closet! She shares with you outfits that are easy to reproduce in your everyday life, always with a little tip that makes all the difference. The good news is that her looks are really affordable so you won’t break the bank. 



Home is where the heart is! Here is the account to follow if you are looking for how to make homemade decorations and get it ready to show off for when you can have people over again. She shares ideas to create your sweet home, alone or with your children! Her Instagram is perfect for the situation because we all need, now more than ever, to feel good at home.



Bev offers you the perfect dose of fashion, mixed with a few beauty tips. Through her daily post, you can find inspiration for any occasion. And her contagious smile puts you in a good mood for the day! 



Follow this cutest family in their daily life! This incredible mom shares with you all her secrets to take care of yourself and make everyday more magical! A word of warning, her feed is full of amazing content and you’ll find yourself scrolling for a while. You might even feel like part of the family!



This makeup artist shares her incredible talent on Instagram. The type of makeup you want to wear every day but also for special occasions. If you need help reproducing them, she also has online tutorials to learn how to apply your own makeup!

Don't forget to charge your phone, make yourself comfortable on your sofa, that's all you will need to have a good time on Instagram! Do you know anyone we should be following? Tag them in the comments and share this post with a friend or two.

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne is a passionate beauty writer with over 10 years of experience. She’s incredibly keen on all things skincare, makeup and cosmetics, with a fingertip on the pulse of the latest global beauty trends at all times.

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