7 Best Habits for Healthy Hair & Balmain Spray

When it comes to taking care of your hair, there are some essential tips that you need to know. Making sure that you have healthy hair habits could make a world of difference from limp, stringy hair to lush locks that are full of life. We’re sure that you’ll find your new favourite hair care picks in our range of luxury products! 

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1) Don’t Style Hair With High Heat

It’s a myth that all heat damages hair. The truth is, there’s a sweet spot for heat styling that helps to create the perfect curls or sleek straight hair without causing unnecessary damage. The best way to do this is with a steam straightener or hair styling tools optimised to a specific temperature.

Steam straighteners allow your hair to hold onto more moisture, leaving it feeling smoother and healthier compared to a flat iron

Or, if a traditional flat iron is a must-have for you, be sure to use them on hair with temperatures no higher than 180 C. The truth is, there’s no proven benefit to using heat higher than this on hair. Using higher temperatures doesn’t mean your hair stays straight for longer; instead, it just damages your hair further!

Another tip for preventing damaging hair with heat styling tools is to have a heat-protectant in your arsenal. Spritzing a heat protector on your hair can provide a shield between damaging heat and your hair, making sure that every time you curl or straighten it, you minimise as much damage as possible!

Balmain Thermal Protection SprayBalmain Thermal Protection Spray
This efficient spray helps to shield hair from the damaging effects of heat styling. Simply spritz on damp hair before blow drying, or onto dry hair before curling or straightening to style hair with minimal damage. 

2) Use A Nourishing Mask Regularly

Just as a cleanser and moisturiser are a great backbone to your skincare routine, shampoo and conditioner are the backbones of your haircare routine. Regularly using a nourishing mask with ingredients such as shea butter and repairing proteins gives your hair routine a much-needed boost. 

Nourishing masks are especially ideal for those with colour-treated or bleached hair, as they’re formulated to provide an extra boost of moisturising and repairing ingredients. These masks restore a soft, silky feel to your hair, preventing split ends for healthy hair. 

Balmain Revitalizing MaskBalmain Revitalizing Mask
Balmain Revitalizing Mask uses a powerful blend of ingredients to nourish hair from within, without leaving it feeling heavy or weighed down. This mask strengthens hair against dullness and split ends for healthy, luscious locks.

3) Don’t Brush Or Style Hair When Wet

Did you know that your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet? This is when hair is prone to stretching and snapping, leading to persistent split ends. Even when using a hair brush that is specially designed to be used on wet hair, it’s important to brush gently and not force it through any tangles or knots.

The best way to ensure your hair is tangle free before and after washing is by brushing or combing your hair beforehand. Doing this is the best way to deal with any knots without causing extra damage to your hair! 

ghd Paddle Brushghd Paddle Brush
ghd Paddle Brush is the perfect tool for styling hair at home. This professional hair brush easily detangles all hair lengths, preventing static and flyaways for perfectly styled hair.

4) Always Use Conditioner

It might seem like a time-saving hack to go without conditioning hair. However, we suggest against skipping this step. When you use shampoo on your hair, you’re washing away product build-up and natural oils from your hair and scalp. While this is ideal for having fresh and clean hair, we do need to make sure that our hair has enough moisture to stay healthy and sleek.

Conditioners are designed to replenish the natural oils in your hair, making it feel smooth. They also strengthen follicles against dryness and damage, ensuring that your hair looks and feels healthy!

Philip Kingsley Remoisturizing Smoothing ConditionerPhilip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Smoothing Conditioner
This smoothing conditioner eliminates frizz, ensuring that hair always looks sleek and healthy thanks to nourishing Hydrolysed Oat Protein Extract.

5) Protect Hair From The Sun

We’ve talked a lot about how it’s important to protect your skin from the sun - but did you know that your hair needs it, too? 

Long and frequent UV exposure to your hair can damage your hair strands, leading to it feeling rough and dry. It can also fade bright colours on hair, making it look drab and dull. Don’t let the harsh Australian sun affect your hair - protect it with a UV protectant spray for days at the beach!

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Sun Protection SprayBalmain Sun Protection Spray
Balmain Sun Protection Spray shields your hair from UV damage - it’s like sunscreen for your hair! It prevents your hair colour from fading and protects your hair strands from dryness and damaged caused by the sun.

6) Get Frequent Trims

The ideal frequency for hair trims depends on your hair length - but if you want to go low-maintenance, twice a year is the minimum recommended frequency by expert hair stylists. A 6-monthly trim helps to keep on top of split ends and damage, preventing hair from looking stringy as it grows.

Trims help to ensure that all hair lengths from short to long look the best they can. They maintain your hairstyle between appointments and in the long run, are perfect for preventing breakage. 

M2 Beaute Hair Activating SerumM2 Beaute Hair Activating Serum
This nurturing hair serum keeps your locks feeling sleek and healthy in between trims. Ingredients such as Follicusan and sandalwood stimulate the outer layer of the hair follicles, activating hair growth. 

7) Don’t Forget Your Scalp

An often overlooked part of our body that’s essential for healthy hair is the scalp! Ensuring that the scalp is free of build-up leads to healthy hair growth. One of the best ways to deeply cleanse and treat the scalp is with a scalp scrub. Just like a facial scrub, a scalp scrub helps to exfoliate away excess dead skin flakes, sebum, and styling product build-up for healthy hair from root to tip!

Balmain Homme Scalp ScrubBalmain Homme Scalp Scrub
Balmain Homme Scalp Scrub detoxes and exfoliates the scalp for fresh, clean hair from root to tip. This scalp exfoliator removes product build up and stimulates circulation for a healthy scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.

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