Advantages of Wearing Eye Primer

Eye Primer is one of the makeup product that is usually neglected by people as most of the people find it ineffective for their eye makeup or they should purchase and invest in another product which can be an extra burden to carry.

Questions may arise such as ‘What is an eye primer?’, ‘Why we must own an eye primer in our makeup collection?’ Eye primer is just the same as face primer for your face except they work best on your eyelids. Eye primer acts as a barrier in between your chemical eye makeup products and your fragile eyelids.

Benefits of Wearing Eye Primer

Introducing Mica Beauty’s Eye Primer which helps to improve your eyelids’ skin’s texture by smoothing any fine lines, allowing your eye makeup to glide on effortlessly and it is long lasting. In addition, this eye primer is made with waterproof formula to create an even out the base of the skin tone, and seals your eye shadows to intensify your eye makeup look and prevent them from creasing, smudging or smearing. Also, you can wear eye primer as an eye shadow for your everyday makeup look.

How do we apply Mica Beauty’s Eye Primer?

The Mica Beauty’s Perfecting Makeup Primer is suitable for all skin types and all ages. You can apply the eye primer with either your fingers or with an eye shadow brush. With cleaned fingers, pick up the product with the ring finger as it is the weakest finger for the gentle touch on your delicate eyelids. Warm the product in between your fingers before applying on your eyelids for better absorption. Pat the product softly across the eyelids.

With the brush, you can use a clean eye shadow brush or an eye shadow sponge. Pick up a small amount of Mica Beauty’s Eye Primer’s product from the container and gently dabbed the mica primer across the delicate eyelids with small amount of effort. 

What happens if you don’t wear eye primer regularly? When applying eye shadow on, it requires lots of layering and blending, which involve a lot of blending motion and may damage your eyelids without the protection from the eye primer. This is because your eyelids may be allergic to the chemicals from the eye shadow. Therefore, wearing eye primer can help prevent any infection to the minimum. Also, using eye primer makes the eye shadow colours becoming more vibrant and intense with less effort of blending and layering and speed up the process on doing your eye makeup.

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