Bold Eye Shadow 101

Applying eye shadows are not complicated nor tricky as a beginner, but it will be when no one tells you how to apply them, then you will not get the result you expect, your eye makeup will not last and you will be annoyed. Applying bold colours might be complex, this article will share how to apply bold colour eye shadows with tips to make it easier for you to create your eye makeup look.

Apply Emerald Peacock Eye Shadow

Emerald and peacock shades on the eyes are in trend on the spring and summer 2018 runway. You can wear this look and look fashionable around your friends. Here’s how you can do it with Mica Beauty eye shadow.

Have a few different eye shadow brushes to prevent any colour getting mixed up. It is easier to apply eye makeup first then only apply face makeup. This is because the eye shadow products especially shimmer will fall onto your cheekbones and it is easier to remove them with a clean face than a full face of makeup.

Before applying any eye shadow on your eyelids, apply eye primer first with your fingers. Mica Beauty’s eye primers comes in a few types of forms and textures, like cream base, stick form or liquid form. Eye primer helps the eye shadow to last longer and intensify your eye shadow colour, looking more vibrant and colourful, that is the effect you want especially when wearing a bold eye shadow colour.

After applying eye primer, start applying a base colour for your eye makeup look. A light beige shimmer colour from Mica Beauty eye shadow powder will be a great choice for base colour, so that it is easier to blend on the eyelids in contrast with matte eye shadows. Use a flatter eye shadow brush to apply the base colour across the eyelids. Rest your elbow on a flat surface for steady application. Then, pick up Mineral Eye Shadow in a medium brown shade with Mica Beauty’s fluffy eye shadow and apply it on the inner and outer crease, add more product until your liking. Blending by sweeping back and forth with a light hand towards the centre of the eyelid with the same brush, to create depth on the eye. The opacity of the eye shadow colour corresponds with how much product you pick up or how firmly you press into your crease area and outer layer. If you accidentally applied too much product, you can blend more on it to take away the product. But it is easier to add more product than to remove them.

Next, choose a darker brown shade and lightly pressing on your eyelids using tiny circles by going back and forth to blend and deposit the darker shadow on the crease. Concentrate the darker shade on the outer crease. If you do have a natural deep crease, you don’t have to add too much product on the crease to create more depth.

With a clean flat brush, pick up Mica Beauty’s glitter eye shadow in colour 32 tropic. Pat the product to distribute evenly on the centre of the eyelid. With the same brush, blend out the product across the eyelid by sweeping it back and forth lightly. Lastly, layered on Mineral Eye Shadow colour 86 insistance on the centre of the eyelid gently and build on until you are satisfied with the colour. Wearing a bold colour will give an extra element for a pop of colour on your appearance.

Alexis Adrienne

Alexis Adrienne

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