Shimmer Lip Look

Shimmer lips are able to create a multi-dimensional look when light is caught in different angles making your lips looking glossy and plumper. It is a perfect style to add in to your makeup routine to spice up your everyday look.

You can try out different colours of shimmer for the lips from nude shades to bold colours. Because it is impossible to buy every shimmer lip balm in the market to test it out and it is a waste of money. Therefore, we have the ideal way for you to try and test for the best shimmer lip balm for your lips.

Create your own Shimmer Lip Colour with Mica Beauty Cosmetics

Mica Beauty Cosmetics’ are made with 100% natural products and it is safe to use on your skin and it is versatile.Mineral Eye Shadow will be your holy grail for shimmer lips, since its ingredients is made with Mica mineral and other natural products, it has an extra fine texture that blends in well onto the skin. Mineral Eye Shadow comes in 76 different shades for you to choose and use. The shades vary from light to dark colours, and the shade you want for your shimmer lip balm, might be right here!

How does Mica Beauty’s Mineral Eye Shadow help to achieve your shimmer lip look? Since the eye shadow is made from natural ingredients, it is safe to use on the lips without irritating your lips. It can be the perfect day or night look, and you can just wear a shimmer lip and you are ready for the day.

Before your makeup routine, apply lip balm on your lips to moisture, soften and smooths your lips. The lip balm is long wearing and also non-transferable, it stays on comfortably on your lips all day long. Then continue with your other makeup steps and leave your lips the last, so that your lips have time to absorb the lip balm.

Next, dip your lip brush in water, mix it with a small amount of your chosen colour of Mica Beauty’s Mineral Eye Shadow in a small clean empty container. Depending on the wetness of the brush, the colour intensity will be higher with more water. Then, apply the mixed product onto your lips by dabbing on it to add the shimmer in consistent on all areas of the lips. You are done with a new shimmery look on your lips! It is just as easy as ABC, and it is a win-win situation as you can use the Mineral Eye Shadow for your eyes, lips and also on your face. Give it a try now, by checking out Mica Beauty Cosmetics.

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