4 Anti-Ageing Skincare Tools Worth Your Money

With the ever-growing range of beauty tools, it can be hard to choose exactly which one to go for! And especially when it comes to anti-ageing, there’s one thing that matters: collagen production.

Our beauty tool edit has four of the best skin care tools that help to naturally boost your skin’s collagen levels, right at home. Here’s the rundown on our four favourite skincare tools that are worth your money!

Microcurrent Skin Care Tools

Did you know that microcurrent devices were first developed to help support skin healing after serious trauma or surgery? Studies found that microcurrents delivered to skin through a bioelectric dressing were able to boost collagen levels and repair skin faster than without. 

What do these tools do, exactly? Well, microcurrent tools deliver pulsating, low voltage electrical currents to your skin that reach the muscles underneath the skin to deliver their results, which include younger, healthier skin. 

Microcurrent tools are so effective that they’re often called non-surgical facelifts - there’s a combination of instant and long term effects to look forward to when it comes to these handy skincare tools. At the most simple level, microcurrent tools can boost circulation, enhancing penetration and absorption of your skincare for a more effective skincare routine - yes, please!

Some of the other instant results include an instant lift due to the microcurrent stimulating your facial muscles underneath the skin - however, this instantly lifting effect only lasts for a few hours. However, that’s not a bad thing. Over time, microcurrent skincare tools improve your skin’s elasticity and bounce thanks to fibroblast and amino acid stimulation by these light microcurrents.  


Foreo Bear Product Image on white background
Foreo Bear | $395
This microcurrent facial device is perfect for smoothing out and firming skin from the comfort of your home.


Dermal Rollers

Dermal rollers, aka derma rollers and microneedling, are a game-changing skincare tool when it comes to almost all skin concerns - but especially anti-aging. One of the biggest reasons microneedling has taken off is because of how minimally invasive, yet maximally effective it is - especially as a home treatment!

Dermal rolling involves very gently rolling a tool that has sharp needles that prick your skin, kickstarting collagen and elastin production by releasing growth factors in your skin. Numerous studies have found that microneedling is well tolerated by all skin types and is effective for reducing the look of acne scars and wrinkles

It also involves very little downtime - while your skin might be flushed immediately after and you’ll want to avoid some ingredients like Vitamin C and exfoliating acids right afterwards, dermal rollers don’t leave skin peeling and flaky like chemical peels, for example!

Lonvitalité Advanced Dermal Roller With Interchangeable Head product image on white backgroundLonvitalité Advanced Dermal Roller With Interchangeable Head | $79.95
This dermal roller is perfect for boosting collagen production in your skin.

Eye Massagers

When it comes to firming and moisturising the delicate eye area, an eye massager is essential. Their benefits of a massager as part of your eye care routine is two-fold - first, massaging that delicate skin helps promote absorption of any eye care products that you’ve applied over the top. Manual massage helps to boost circulation which in turn encourages your eye care products to absorb faster.

Second, eye massagers like the Foreo Iris use ultra-sonic technology to take your eye massage to the next level! These high-frequency vibrations make your eye care more potent and able to fade the look of crows feet, but are also so effective that you don’t necessarily need extra products to help fade dark circles and reduce puffy eye bags.

By stimulating circulation with a high-frequency massage tool, an eye massager helps to drain away any lingering fluid that’s causing eye bags and dark circles for brighter, wide-awake eyes.

Foreo Iris product image on white backgroundForeo Iris | $179
Massage away those fine lines with the power of T-Sonic technology thanks to Foreo. 

LED Light Therapy Devices

LED light tools use the power of different light frequencies to penetrate skin, each with their own effect. Blue light therapy is best for reducing inflammation, like the kind caused by acne and irritation. The superstar when it comes to anti-aging is red light - this wavelength is able to increase collagen fibres in skin, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and firming up your skin. 

Another bonus to LED light therapy is that it fits perfectly in to your skincare routine with other collagen-boosting products, like retinol serums and peptide moisturisers. It’s the perfect device to take your skincare to the next level! Some LED light therapy tools, like the Foreo UFO come with bespoke masks that are designed to boost the power of your LED therapy tool for even better skincare results.


Foreo UFO product image on white backgroundForeo UFO | $289
This handy device soothes and treats skin with LED light therapy for an ageless glow. 

Which of these amazing skincare tools will you be adding to your skincare routine? If you’re still working on creating your beauty ritual, try our skincare quiz!

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