Shiseido Ultimune vs Lancome Genifique Review

When it comes to reaching certain skin goals - such as brightening dark spots or softening wrinkles - there’s one type of skincare product that’ll help you get there: skincare serums.

I know what you’re thinking - do serums work? Well, yes - provided you’re using a serum with the right ingredients to help you achieve your skincare goals. Knowing which skincare serum to buy starts with setting a skin goal - whether that’s more radiant skin, starting your anti-aging journey, or simply skin that doesn’t feel as dry all the time!

Here’s our list of 10 best skin serums - we’re sure you’ll find one that’s in line with your skin goals, plus we’ll highlight which ingredients make these skincare serums a standout, and hopefully, you’ll find your new favourite skincare product to add to your skincare routine.

Our Favourite Skincare Serums with Proven Results

Ready to find your new favourite serum? Here’s our list of top-performing, best skin serums - each targets different concerns and with different active ingredients, so if there is an ingredient you know your skin might not get along with, there’s still another amazing option to choose. 

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Even Skin Tone, Sun Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, 

This skincare serum is so popular that globally, one bottle is sold every six seconds - the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum is packed with ingredients that help fortify your skin against the early signs of aging such as Bifida Ferment Lysate, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid. It’s up there with cult-classic skincare serums thanks to this ultra-effective, potent formula. 

SK-II R.N.A Radical New Age Essence Serum

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Even Skin Tone, Sun Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

SK-II has captured all the benefits of their iconic skincare ingredient, Pitera, in this potent serum. You won’t be left wondering if serums really work after trying this! Packed with gentle, yet powerful Pitera that can brighten the skin, smoothing out imperfections, plus skin-soothing Niacinamide combined with Peptides work hard to stall any premature signs of aging and support a healthy skin barrier - your skin's first defence against pesky wrinkles!

Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate

Skin Concerns: Reduce Sensitivity, Reduce Redness, Moisture Barrier Support, Hydration

If your skin is left feeling a little raw and irritated - whether that’s from over exfoliation or dry weather - this super-soothing serum is for you. Enriched with calming Oat Extract, moisturising Avocado Oil, and comforting Peptides, irritated skin will be a thing of the past. Face serums that target redness and sensitivity work hard to smooth and moisturise for radiant, glowing skin.

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Serum Concentrate texture

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Even Skin Tone, Sun Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, 

When it comes to skincare serums with proven results, there isn’t an ingredient that does it better than Retinol - and the Elizabeth Arden Retinol Capsules are packed with it! These night serum capsules contain a powerful blend of skin-transforming Retinol with Ceramides, skin-comforting ingredients that help mitigate irritation from Retinol and support glowing, luminous skin. 

Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Even Skin Tone, Hyperpigmentation

No list of best skin serums is complete without a Vitamin C serum - and the Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum is no ordinary antioxidant serum! This high-powered formula combines the anti-agiing powers of Vitamin C with Lactic Acid and Peptides to create one of the best skincare serums with proven results, leaving you with even-toned skin that’s strengthened against environmental causes of ageing. 

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Serum Concentrate

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Even Skin Tone, Sun Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Moisture Barrier Support, Hydration

This best-selling serum from Shiseido is packed with antioxidants and natural botanicals that support skin hydration, warding off dryness and ensuring that your skin stays hydrated all day long. Reishi Mushroom Extract is rich in free radical neutralising antioxidants for skin that’s shielded from daily environmental stressors, lending your skin essential anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing support. 

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Skin Firming, Hydration

You might be surprised to find Honey and Royal Jelly on this list of serums with proven results - but Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Daily Repair serum is an impressive, highly concentrated serum with even more impressive abilities. Royal Jelly and Honey work hard to renew skin, firming it and boosting hydration for skin that looks and feels youthful. They also tackle dry skin, boosting your skin's ability to hold on to essential hydration and moisture and preventing visible dullness.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Skin Concerns: Dehydration, Moisture Barrier Health

Sometimes, all your skin needs is a little hydration boost - all the best skin serums do boost your skin’s hydration, but for some, that’s the only thing they want from their skincare serum. If this sounds like you, the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster might be for you - this hydrating serum saturates your skin thanks to Panthenol (aka Vitamin B5), Glycerin, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster swatch

Dior Prestige Le Nectar 

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Moisture Barrier Support, Hydration

It’s true that sometimes the best skin serums are worth a pretty penny - and the Dior Prestige Le Nectar Serum is no exception. Created with a skincare ingredient you won’t find in any other skincare line, Rose de Granville Extract, the Dior Prestige Le Nectar Serum infuses your skin with a unique antioxidant that shields your skin against one of the major causes of premature aging: inflammation. Antioxidants exert an anti-inflammatory effect on skin, reducing the impact of stressors on skin for a youthful glow. 

Dior Prestige Le Nectar Serum

La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

Skin Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Moisture Barrier Support, Hydration

Caviar isn’t just a luxury delicacy - it’s a powerful skincare ingredient, too. Packed with highly concentrated micronutrients and fatty acids that support optimal skin health, Caviar can help your skin stay resilient against the signs of ageing. La Prairie skincare - including this serum - is also armed with one more special ingredient that nourishes skin: La Prairie Cellular Complex. It’s a blend of potent ingredients that all work together to fortify your skin against fine lines and wrinkles that you won’t find in any other skincare!

La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift
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