Top Vitamin C Skin Benefits & Care Tips

We all know that Vitamin C is one of the most heavily relied on vitamins, ever, in the history of all the vitamins in the world. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration - but can you think of a vitamin more closely linked to maintaining good health? 

Didn’t think so.  

Here’s the thing, though - Vitamin C benefits more than just our immune systems. It’s an amazing skincare ingredient that you shouldn’t miss out on if you want flawless skin. Curious yet? 

Aside from all of Vitamin C’s amazing benefits for skin (I’m about to go through them), there’s one other thing that I think makes it a stellar addition to your skincare routine: it’s one of those ingredients that works for every skin type! And even though it is an amazing anti-ageing ingredient, Vitamin C benefits skin in so many other ways as well.

What Is Vitamin C?

Let’s go back to basics - what is Vitamin C in the first place? In nature, it occurs in a water-soluble form called Ascorbic Acid, a naturally super-potent antioxidant. Every single version of Vitamin C that you’ll see on an ingredients list is basically a subtle variation of this form. 

The reason there are different forms or types of Vitamin C is mainly for stability and potency. The thing with regular Vitamin C (which you’ll see as L-Ascorbic Acid in skincare) is that yes, it’s the most potent and powerful, but it’s also potentially the most irritating, and the least stable when used in skincare. 

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What Are the Vitamin C Benefits for Skin?

Let’s get one thing out of the way, first - Vitamin C is an incredibly versatile skin care ingredient. It’s not an ingredient that’s only for one skin type or concern - the benefits of Vitamin C don’t discriminate! 

Vitamin C benefits skin in three key ways: 

BENEFIT 1: Vitamin C Provides Antioxidant Protection

Source: Chermiti Mohamed, Unsplash

As an antioxidant, Vitamin C has a crucial role in protecting skin from free radicals. Free radicals are skin-damaging molecules that are missing an electron - they cause what’s called oxidative stress by trying to steal electrons from healthy molecules in our skin. Antioxidants - like Vitamin C - neutralise these free radicals, shielding skin from any damage.

Vitamin C benefits skin by lending some mild photoprotective benefits. That is, Vitamin C on its own provides a small amount of protection from the sun - but that doesn’t mean you should skip your daily SPF!


BENEFIT 2: Vitamin C Encourages Collagen Production

Source: Angélica Echeverry, Unsplash

The fact that Vitamin C benefits skin by improving collagen synthesis shouldn’t be overlooked - and nor is it just something for older, skin either! Vitamin C can spur on collagen production in the skin in a few different ways - one of them being the stimulation of fibroblasts

Fibroblasts are cells in the skin that produce collagen, so by stimulating them, skin gets a boost of collagen. This boost of collagen means that skin is firmer, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced (and delayed from forming in the first place)!


BENEFIT 3: Vitamin C Brightens Uneven Skin Tone

Source: Fleur Kaan, Unsplash

One of the other crucial Vitamin C benefits for skin is evening out skin tone. Skin colour might become uneven for a number of reasons: sun damage, pregnancy, and acne. Uneven skin tone from pregnancy and sun damage usually manifests as patches of darker skin; uneven skin tone from acne usually shows as dark spots left from where the pimples were. 

These darker areas of skin can be brightened by Vitamin C to their original tone - this is because Vitamin C is a melanin inhibitor. Melanin is the molecule in the skin responsible for skin colour - and sometimes, skin doesn’t get things quite right and overproduces it due to inflammation, irritation, and hormones. By reducing melanin overproduction, Vitamin C helps to even out dark marks and restore skin’s natural luminosity.

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Vitamin C is a great addition to everyone’s skincare routine - it’s a preventative and corrective skincare ingredient that works for all skin types, skin tones, and almost all skin concerns. 

✓ Anti-ageing?

✓ Post-acne skin?

✓ Glowy skin? 

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