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These days, we’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to picking skincare that’s perfect for our skin type. However, it didn’t always use to be that way - it sounds silly to us now, but there didn’t use to be as much choice, especially when it came to sensitive skin. That’s how Declaré, a skincare brand from Switzerland, got started - here’s the full story.

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A Solution for Sensitive Skin

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Credit: Declare_Official/Instagram

Switzerland has a lot of impressive exports - cheese, luxury watches, and chocolate - and skincare should be included too. La Prairie isn’t the only scientifically effective skincare line from Switzerland - Declaré is a brand that deserves just as much attention for the skincare products they've created.

Declaré’s founder, Karl J Troll, noticed that there was a gap in the skincare market when it came to sensitive skin - and not just for treating sensitive skin, either. He acknowledged that people with sensitive skin might also have other concerns to target, and so he wanted to create a brand that was tailored to sensitive skin but also helped people achieve their skin goals as well. How? First, let’s take a look at what sensitive skin is.

declare hydroforce spf 15 product image

Declaré Hydroforce Plus SPF 15
A daytime moisturiser created just for sensitive skin, with in-built SPF protection.

Sensitive skin is usually defined as skin that more prone to “adverse reactions”. These usually include a feeling of stinging, visible redness, breakouts, excessive dryness, and in some cases, even swelling. Skin can become sensitive due to using skincare incorrectly, or even as part of another skin condition - such as rosacea. 

In true Swiss fashion, Karl created a brand that would only use ingredients that were proven to work for sensitive skin - and in 1978, Declaré developed the very first line of skincare for sensitive skin worldwide. Evidently, it was successful - these days, Declaré has skincare products developed for sensitive skin that also target concerns such as acne and anti-ageing, while still being completely appropriate for sensitive skin.

What’s helped Declaré create such effective skincare is their propriety sensitive skin complex, called SRC™.

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Declaré Nutrilipid Advanced Repair Cream
This rich cream is tailored to dry, sensitive skin thanks to Shea Butter and SRC™.

The Story of SRC™ 

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Credit: Declare_Official/Instagram

SRC™ stands for ‘Sensitivity Reducing Complex’ and is the result of many years of research by scientists at Declaré. They knew that if they were going to create skincare that really made a difference to sensitive skin, they needed to create a skincare ingredient that did so - and that’s how SRC™ was made. 

SRC™ focuses on three key aspects of sensitivity - reducing skin’s irritability, improving the skin barrier function, plus active cell protection. SRC™ is formed with three components that help to benefit skin - the first is Sensiline, a linseed extract that helps to suppress skin inflammation and protect skin from irritants.

Declare Cleansing Balm on a pink background with water dropsDeclaré Anti-Pollution Cleansing Balm
This cleansing balm from Declaré effectively breaks down makeup and removes oil-based impurities for glowing skin.

It also contains Structurine, derived from White Lupines. Structurine helps to ensure the skin’s natural acid mantle is functioning properly, preventing dryness that can lead to easy sensitisation of the skin. 

The last component of SRC™ is Ectoin - it acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from environmental stress and the early signs of ageing as well as ensuring skins stays hydrated. 

declare hyaluron ocean's best triple booster serum image

Declaré HydroBalance Ocean's Best Hyaluron Booster
A potent serum rich in hyaluronic acid and SRC to hydrate and soothe skin. One of our best sellers and staff favourites at Beauty Affairs!

SRC™ is found in every single Declaré skincare product as a signature ingredient - however, just because it’s in the products doesn’t mean the product is ready for the market (yet). Karl’s practices have created very stringent quality control before any product is released to the public. There are three criteria that could cause a product to fail - the presence of erythema (redness), fissures (split skin), and flaky skin all could indicate that a product isn’t ready!

Once skin that’s been tested with the products doesn’t show these signs or any other adverse reactions after 48 and 72 hours, it receives the Declaré seal of quality.

Jar of Declare Multi Regeneration Cream against white backgroundDeclaré Probiotic Multi Regeneration Cream
This nurturing cream from Declaré is ideal for supporting a healthy moisture barrier, strengthening skin against potential irritation.

Karl’s drive to create a scientifically-backed, effective skincare line has created something incredibly unique in the skincare world. Declaré has effective products that not only work, but are tailored for sensitive skin - and that’s why I’ll be adding them to my skincare routine to get my beauty affairs in order! 

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