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Luxury skincare brands almost always have some connection to royalty - and Omorovicza is no exception. This Hungarian skincare brand boasts ingredients that nourish your skin, and that you definitely won’t find anywhere else (except for in Hungary itself).

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Omorovicza is a brand founded with a touch of royal connections and with a love story, too - here’s how this nourishing, luxurious skincare brand got started.

Budapest, The International Spa City

Racz Spa Rácz Spa. Image Credit: Omorovicza/Instagram

While the Omorivicza brand is relatively recent - only having been founded in 2006 - it’s backed by a long history of regenerative thermal springs found in Hungary’s capital of Budapest. The recorded healing powers of these springs date as far back as the Roman Empire. When battle-weary Roman soldiers would rest and bathe in these springs, they noticed their skin healed faster than usual.

However, how these springs led to the creation of a skincare line doesn’t have much to do with bloody battles - it has to do with the long legacy of Hungary’s healing thermal springs leading up to the modern day. 

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Bathhouses were eventually built over these natural springs, and one of the largest and most resplendent was the Rácz Spa by the Omorovicza family. In fact, there were so many health spas and bathhouses built in Budapest to benefit from these healing thermal waters that the city soon became known as the ‘International Spa City’. 

Hungarian thermal water has a unique composition of magnesium and calcium that help to nourish skin, soothing irritation, rosacea, and acne, as one of the Omorovicza brand founders would soon find out. 

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Omorovicza: Romantic Beginnings

The modern-day Omorovicza skincare brand was founded by Margaret & Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza, an American-Hungarian couple. Margaret moved to Hungary to work in the American Embassy in Budapest - and she had no idea how much this move would transform her life. She eventually went on to meet and marry Stephen, a descendent of Hungary’s noble Omorovicza family. 

He invited her to his family’s spa - the Rácz Spa - and she was amazed by how the healing thermal waters calmed her rosacea as well as acne. Margaret had already tried Accutane as a way of dealing with her persistent acne but noticed that the thermal waters nourished her skin in a way she had never experienced before. 

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Realising that there was a huge potential for many to experience the same haling that Margaret had from these thermal waters (just in skincare product form), Stephen and Margaret enlisted the help of scientists to create a skincare line that combined the healing properties of Hungarian thermal water with other effective skincare ingredients. 

They took Hungarian Thermal water, an already amazing ingredient, and fortified it with probiotic skincare ingredients to create a unique thermal concentrate that features in all Omorovicza skincare products. Christened “Omorovicza Healing Concentrate”, this patented skincare ingredient fortifies every single Omorovicza skincare product with mineral-rich thermal water and a probiotic blend that makes sure your skin looks and feels amazing. 

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These days, you can still visit the Rácz Spa in Budapest for a luxurious spa retreat - sign me up once borders open. Or, bring the healing power of Hungarian Thermal Water to your skincare routine with our range of Omorovicza skincare to help get your beauty affairs in order!

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