Ultimate Guide: Using Facial & Jade Rollers

When it comes to facial massage, there isn’t a tool that’s more talked about than a jade roller. These pretty little tools have been on all of our Instagram feeds, non-stop for what seems like the past couple of years - but how are you even supposed to use them in the first place, and secondly, do jade rollers actually work?

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Some of the jade roller benefits sound too good to be true, but there are a few other convincing reasons that you might want to consider adding a jade roller to your beauty routine.

What is a Facial Roller?

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Also called a jade roller, facial rollers are a handy skincare tool used to massage your skin, boosting circulation and by some accounts, support lymphatic draining. While they’re most commonly made of jade, other stones can be used, including rose quartz. When it comes to comparing a jade roller versus rose quartz roller, there isn’t much difference other than how they look.

Facial Roller Massager: Benefits For Skin

So, why use a facial roller in the first place? Well, for starters, they’re incredibly relaxing on your skin. Jade rollers, especially when cooled in the fridge or freezer before use, help to relieve tension (that could cause wrinkles!) and soothe irritated, angry skin.

Since they’re a form of massage, they’re also great for stimulating blood flow - while in general, this has benefits for skin like boosting glow, encouraging oxygen circulation, and increasing skin care product absorption, it also has the added bonus of helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles as well. 

Dark circles are caused by blood - and other fluids - building up under your eyes when they don’t get enough rest. Gently massaging your undereyes with a facial roller can help reduce the look of these under eye shadows for a well-rested appearance.

Intrigued by the benefits of a jade roller? We thought you might be - here’s how to use one in your skincare routine. 

Depuff under eye bags and boost skin circulation with this Rose Quartz facial roller from Australian brand Theseeke.

How to Use a Facial Roller 

One of the best things about a jade roller is that it doesn’t need to be charged, nor can it run out of battery! They’re practically foolproof to use as well. All you need to do to use a facial roller is roll it in gentle, upward strokes on your face, being sure to target any areas of concern like dark under eyes or puffy under eyes.

You don’t need a lot of pressure, either! The best time to use it in your skincare routine is after moisturiser or facial oil, and if you’re using it in the daytime, before you apply any sunscreen.

It’s thought that massaging after applying all the good stuff in your skincare routine helps to boost absorption for skin care that’s even more effective - and plus, rolling it over your skin just feels so darn good. 

Another way to use them while using a sheet mask - for a spa-like experience, massaging your face while you have a sheet mask on could boost hydration for some serious glow. Plus, another great tip (especially as we head into warmer weather) is to keep your jade roller in the fridge for a few minutes before using it. 

Using it on your skin after a hot day is pure bliss - and super relaxing for your skin!

Smooth and relax facial tension with Theseeke’s colourful Picasso Stone facial roller. 

How Often Should You Use a Jade Roller?

You can use a facial roller as often as you like - if you have the time, you can use a facial roller twice per day! However, just for the relaxing, tension-relieving factor, many like to use their jade roller at night as part of a tranquil self-care routine for glowing skin in the morning.  

How to Cleanse Jade Roller After Use?

Like all skincare tools, it’s incredibly important to make sure you keep your facial roller clean and free of any breakout-causing bacteria buildup. Luckily, that’s super easy to do - just thoroughly wash your roller with water and soap before drying with a clean towel. 

It’s best to cleanse your jade roller after every use to make sure there aren’t any tricky little bacteria hiding in the natural stone.

Can You Use a Facial Roller on Acne & Breakouts?

While you shouldn’t be applying much pressure with any facial roller, even lightly using a roller over active acne could make things worse instead of better. First, it’s just plain uncomfortable to massage over active breakouts! Second, you run the risk of popping those pesky breakouts and actually spreading that bacteria all over your face while jade rolling. 

The solution? Temporarily avoid any areas with active breakouts to make sure you’re not spreading any breakout-causing bacteria around, but still getting all the benefits of a jade roller for your skin. 

Now you know how to use a jade roller, get your beauty affairs in order and add this soothing massage tool to your skincare routine!

Or, if you’re still trying to create a skincare routine in the first place, try our skincare quiz.

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